The president of LaLiga has already made his first statements about the Diakhaby case, in Noticias #Vamos de 'Movistar +'. The Valencia player accused Juan Cala of calling him “fucking nigga“, which caused the party be suspended for 20 minutes without the presence of the French who was very affected by the offense received. After the coaches of both teams spoke, the teams themselves through statements, numerous reactions from the world of football and politics, it was the turn of Javier Tebas.

“As we have done other times with racist incidents, I remember the case of Iñaki Williams when he was insulted by people from the Espanyol public, we have already done an internal investigation procedure and with the videos and images of the match we have to clarify what happened at that moment. Something happened and we are going to try to clarify it because LaLiga does not allow there to be any racism in our football. The versions are contradictory but looking at the behavior of the Valencia player you can see that something happened, “said the president when asked about his first assessment.

One of the most controversial moments was that of the return to the field of Valencia, which despite denounce racism in a statement, he returned to the game since they had been told that otherwise they could “lose three or more points“. Tebas has been asked about it, answering that” the authority of the parties is the referee and his assistants and it is who has to make the decisions. I will recall that in similar cases, I think it was at Rayo-Albacete it was the referee who decided to suspend the match for some shouts of racism to the player Zozulya. What Valencia has to do is pay attention to what the referee determines. Obviously, the referee He didn't hear anything, because if he had I have no doubt that I would have suspended the game. What Valencia did was to pay attention to what the referee said. “

The events that have occurred are already in the hands of the Integrity Department, which will study the case today and assess whether it is transferred to the Competition Committee. LaLiga, for its part, will continue working “by searching all the cameras that record the game to be able to clarify the situation, as we were able to clarify the Iñaki Williams case in its day. We will continue working and looking for what happened or to prove that the anger of the Valencia player was absolutely right if it were the case, “concluded Tebas.


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