Tebas, on Rubiales: “I am not going to muddle, that game is over”

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, presented a new agreement with Telepizza for the next three seasons. In this way, the bosses add a new sponsor to the competition in a time of crisis. They will be present at various events and in the broadcast of the First and Second Division matches. An alliance that is sustained under the motto: “Soccer also unites us.” The president of the employer's association also took stock of some current issues:

Impact on brands by not having an audience in the stadiums: “We have lived through a time of different phases and the sponsors will have it evaluated. The audiences from home are good and there will be better hours. At Telepizza they are more specialized at home. The pizzas are as famous as the boxes.”

Matches Monday and Friday: “They are going to order pizza on those days because they do it every day (he jokes). Surely LaLiga will end up playing Monday and Friday. It is an asset of the clubs and it is the best way to exploit it and it does not harm the competition. Madrid marked a path “.

Re-election of Rubiales: “This is not the time to give my opinion or value it. Everyone knows it. I am not going to muddle. That game has been over for a while.”