Tamara Gorro and Ezequiel Garay announce the (definitive) end of their marriage: “It is very painful”

The influencer communicated sad news on Monday: her relationship with Ezekiel Garay, father of her two children, has come to an end. “We have made the decision to continue our separate ways. For my own health, I do not want to talk about this issue, since it is not good for me, it is very painful,” he wrote. Tamara Beanie.

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“I want to highlight the deep love I feel for the person who made me happy during all these years and the respect that I will have for life for the father of my children. I ask you for help, only understanding and respect,” he has settled.

Tamara Gorro and the soccer player were married in June 2012, in Alcalá de Henares, after two years of dating. It was a party in style at the romantic El Olivar estate, where the couple arrived in a horse-drawn carriage. Six years later, they repeated their vows in the Maldives, this time alone.

Tamara and Ezequiel are the parents of two children: Shailaborn by surrogacy in the United States, and Antoniowith which her mother finally fulfilled her dream of living the pregnancy experience, since some medical problems prevented her from doing so with her firstborn.

The marriage faced a strong crisis at the beginning of this year and they announced then that they were separating temporarily. In the summer they resumed their relationship, which seemed more reinforced and stronger than ever: “They say that second chances are not good but I am going to challenge them. If things go well, go ahead. If it goes wrong, nothing happens,” he wrote then .