Tamara Falcó’s reaction after learning about her roneo with the businessman Hugo Arévalo: “I have not lost the illusion”

Tamara Falco neither confirms nor denies when the spotlight is on her, something that already says a lot. The Marquise de Griñón has already reacted live to the news that she would be excited about a new man, the businessman Hugo Arevalowho is also a friend of his ex, Inigo Onieva. A whole bombshell after the drama he experienced with the Madrid car designer.

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The daughter of Isabel Preysler and Carlos Falcó reacted this Thursday in the anthillafter what Paul Motorcycles did not ignore the information (from Telecinco) of a possible romance between her and her special friend: “Allow me Tamara. There is a rumor that you have recovered your illusion. So, have you recovered your illusion?” asked the presenter .

The former winner of Masterchef Celebrity She was stunned, but she got out of the way as best she could after a few seconds of silence and some faces of ‘earth, swallow me’ that spoke for themselves: “I have never lost the illusion. What?”, he released.

The presenter did not continue to inquire into the personal life of his collaborator and settled the matter with a few words of affection and good wishes: “Well, each one interprets what they want… I have seen you arrive with a very beautiful dress and it has You looked like you were beaming. Whatever it is, I’m glad.” Juan del ValFor his part, he added: “What has arrived is very happy and that is real data, that is journalistic.”

Hours before, Tamara herself slipped to Ten minutes that there could be something more than a simple friendship: “There is something but because we have gone out two or three times as something more than friends so I don’t know what they are saying.”

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Hugo Arévalo is an entrepreneur and participated in the creation of Tuenti as a co-founder. He is executive president of The Power Spain and also founder of Grupo Auro. He has his privatized Instagram account and, in it, accumulates just over 4,000 followers. “Tamara Falcó has a new illusion. His name is Hugo Arévalo, he is a businessman and is a few years younger than her,” Leticia Requejo revealed this Thursday in Ana Rosa’s program.

The journalist added: “They tell me that they are both quite dedicated to the cause and quite excited. Things are going from strength to strength. They talk to each other, flirt. The surprising thing is that this businessman is a friend of Tamara and Hugo is also Íñigo Onieva’s” .