Tamara Falco has become the great protagonist of the day by revealing that Inigo Onieva He has knelt down after two years of dating. hours later, in the anthillhas revealed the date of the wedding, the place and has told how was the great moment in which the Madrid car designer took out the ring to ask her to marry him.

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“We have a date: we got married in June, on June 17. We are happy and our families are happy. I hope we eat partridges,” confessed the Marchioness of Griñón. The place chosen by the bride and groom could not be more special: “At my father’s house, in El Rincón. It is a very romantic place and it means a lot.”

Íñigo asked her to marry him when he least expected it, while Isabel Preysler’s daughter had “a fasting soup” for dinner. Onieva insisted: “Don’t you want a little wine, are we going to put some candles?” She then told him that she had two gifts in her hands and she chose one: “You guessed it!” he said.

She was stunned: “Suddenly she kneels! The truth is I didn’t expect it. And I said: ‘But now? The day I’m wearing tights, does it have to happen right now?’ I said yes, we hugged , we danced, he almost had a heart attack. He had to sit down, he was getting dizzy.”

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Carlos Falcó’s daughter couldn’t believe it: “Oh mother, I’m left a widow with what it has cost me to get here!” she joked. In short, “it was all very nice”: “I think I’m going to be very happy and I’m going to make him very happy.”

Tamara, in addition, has spoken of the message that her partner sent her Cristina Brown when this morning he read the announcement of his wedding on social media: “If Putin doesn’t kill us first, it’s going to be a beautiful wedding”. The marchioness, for her part, replied: “I am so happy that if Putin launches a nuclear bomb I will survive it with Íñigo.” In this sense, she has also said: “Putin is about to kill us all and I am floating.”