Tamara Falcó laughs at herself and her past with Onieva even in the Campofrío ad

The video clip of the traditional Campofrío ad has arrived. A short full of well-known faces such as Antonio de la Torre, Maribel Verdú, Iker Casillas, Mónica Carrillo and Tamara Falcó. Isabel Preysler’s daughter assumes a very famous role when she enters the scene to release her phrase about “lack of faith… in the couple”. A direct nod to Íñigo Onieva, who was her boyfriend, her fiancé and her ex, all in record time.

Directed by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo, the campaign is inspired by the current state of uncertainty (the energy crisis, war, the nuclear threat, inflation or climate change…) and invites us to overcome it with courage. In the presentation of the La Herencia spot, this Wednesday, December 14, the brand reflects on the world we want to leave to the next generations and on the emotional legacy. Just as Tamara launches her own about love and her breakup with Onieva, Casillas says: “I’m not going to leave anything, they spend it later”. In the lower image, Antonio de la Torre and Carlos Areces in the spot.

In this context, the campaign launches the idea that “neither uncertainty nor a typhoon nor wars nor the apocalypse take away our way of enjoying life”.