Tamara Falcó forgets Íñigo Onieva with another man: his name is Hugo and he is (or was) a friend of both

The final stretch of the year looks interesting for Tamara Falcó, who would be excited again after her love affair with Íñigo Onieva. They assure that the daughter of Isabel Preysler and Carlos Falcó would be having a special friendship with a businessman named Hugo who, in addition, is a friend of both Tamara and the car designer.

His first last name is Arevalo. He is an entrepreneur, to the point that he participated in the creation of Tuenti as a co-founder. On Instagram he defines himself as the executive president of The Power Spain and also as the founder of Grupo Auro. He has his account on the privatized social network and in it he accumulates just over 4,000 followers.

“Tamara Falcó has a new illusion. His name is Hugo Arévalo, he is a businessman and he is a few years younger than her,” Leticia Requejo revealed this Thursday in Ana Rosa’s program.

The journalist added: “They tell me that they are both quite dedicated to the cause and quite excited. Things are going from strength to strength. They talk to each other, flirt. The surprising thing is that this businessman is a friend of Tamara and Hugo is also Íñigo Onieva’s “.

The ex of the Marquise de Griñón would be aware of this information. The fact that her friend has become the cloth of tears for her ex would not have sat well with her: “Hugo reproaches her for not having gone head-on.” It seems that Íñigo is forgetting some things.

Tamara and Íñigo broke off their relationship in September, after the video of the businessman of the night kissing another woman at a festival in Nevada was leaked. These images surfaced just one day after the engagement announcement, sparking a media storm.

Enrique Iglesias’ sister believed his explanations at first, although he ended up making it clear a few hours later: “Know that I don’t care if it was six seconds or a nanosecond in the metaverse. As long as this is true, it ends here all”. So it was.