Happy, excited… I mean, divine. This is how the Marquise de Griñón is after the first fitting of her wedding dress with Wes Gordon, the creative director of Carolina Herrera. Tamara Falco traveled to New York a few days ago to meet the team, which will work at full speed to achieve the ideal dress in just four weeks: “At least I now have something to wear on my wedding day.”

The gathering of the anthill She has said that it was she who called the designer (“I have it on my agenda”) and explained what happened. She immediately caught a plane and went to her first date: “It has been the most wonderful bridal test in the world. All the members of the team were charming and the dress was phenomenal. I am very happy.”

Isabel Preysler’s daughter (who will also wear Carolina Herrera on July 8) has explained that she will work against the clock with Wes Gordon’s team: “She has two assistants, an Italian boy and a Basque girl, what a coincidence”, she said between laughs, because the founders of Sophie and there you go, the firm that began to make her first dress, are also Basque. “I still have to do three or four more tests. I will travel to New York, yes,” she revealed.

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Of what he has not said or mu is the dietary plan that, according to Save me, is willing to continue for the next few weeks with the goal of losing eight or ten kilos. A complicated feat and, according to experts, unhealthy: “We are talking about bodies, not machines.”