Tamara Falcó enters the ‘Obregón debate’: “I do not judge her, but I think of the fertilized eggs that are thrown away and have a soul”

From Feijóo to Tamara Gorro passing through Susanna Griso or Carmen Lomana. Everyone has expressed their opinion these days about the decision of Ana Obregon of becoming a mother by surrogacy at the age of 68. The last to do so was Tamara Falco: “What she has experienced is horrible, losing her son, cancer… I am not a mother and I cannot imagine the pain she has suffered and how alone she must have felt. Her son was everything to her, so that I can understand her and I don’t judge her”.

The Marquise de Griñón has been respectful and empathetic: “On the issue of age… I think she was a great mother to her son Aless and she will be a mother to this girl as well”.

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However, the profound faith of the Marquise de Griñón poses new dilemmas for her: “In these processes several ovules are fertilized and the Church believes that the soul is conceived from the moment of fertilization, and then the excess is thrown away or donated to investigation and, from my moral point of view, this is not acceptable”.

Tamara has also responded to her classmates the anthillwho advocated legislating surrogacy in Spain: “But how is that legislated? They say that pregnant women are highly protected, but to what extent is using someone’s body correct?” And he was also referring to the altruistic question: “I don’t believe that someone carries another’s baby out of altruism,” said Pablo Motos. “In Friends It happened”, Tamara replied, recalling the plot in which Phoebe gives birth to her brother’s triplets. The comment aroused laughter from everyone: “But that’s a television series, Tamara”.