The bride of the year is already in Marbella. She has arrived this same Tuesday to enter the Buchinger Wilhelmi clinicwhere she will follow a strict nutritional program to be perfect on July 8, when she will say “yes, I want” to Inigo Onieva in the palace of El Rincon. own Tamara Falco He has stated that his goal is not to lose weight (“I’m at my normal weight”), something that the clinic itself emphasizes.

“Losing weight is not the goal, it is an effect. We intend to change the chip, improve in the long term, promote a healthy lifestyle of which this is the first step (…) You will not go hungry. You will not lose weight that you shouldn’t. This is not a weight loss clinic. This goes further,” say doctors and nutritionists from the clinic. The plan, as we said, is comprehensive: food, exercise, and aesthetic and spiritual care. No noise, pollution, stress or mobile phones. Patients isolate themselves and enter a wellness bubble surrounded by nature where they can connect with themselves while practicing yoga, reiki or taking a walk.

The keys to your diet are fasting and fluids: for several days it will be the only thing they eat. All natural, detoxifying, laxative, diuretic and with great vitamin content. The ‘purge’ of the body begins on the third day with the intake of the glauber salts, when patients have to reserve several hours to rest in their room (there are plenty of reasons). Afterwards, mushroom broth, peas and mint, light gazpacho…

Two daily and mandatory activities: the NAP (carried out with a hot compress on the liver to help hepatic circulation and facilitate its excretory function) and colon enemas With warm water. At night, to ward off hunger, there are film sessions, concerts and conferences. And everything, for 7,000 euros per week, approximately. As her friend Pilar Vidal has revealed, the marquise plans to be there for about fifteen days: “She will be there for about two weeks, until mid-June. When there are about 10 days left, she will return to New York for her dress.”

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It is not the first time that Tamara has visited this clinic, which became famous thanks to the very nice Carmen Sevilla. The Marquise de Griñón is a regular customer along with her mother, Isabella Preysler, who usually reserve 15 days in summer to get ready. The writer Mario Vargas Llosa accompanied them during the years that he was with the queen of hearts.