Tamara Falco He does not want to believe what his eyes see because his eyes do not see: love is painted by a blind man with blindfolded eyes. Her fiance Inigo Onieva eating her mouth with another, a few weeks ago, on video? “I don’t believe it, that is,” seems to have been the position of the daughter of Isabel Preysler.

But in addition to love, there is the money behind ‘Operación Rincón’: the exclusives, the Netflix documentary, the promotion of the palace business he inherited from his father. The advice that comes to Tamara, materially, not sentimentally, is: “You get married, sell all the exclusives, get what you can, and then we’ll see.” After all, his parents had seven weddings between the two of them. Nobody can be shocked if we affirm that Tamara is in the Top 10 of exclusive professional sellers. She carries it in her genes.

Mark an ‘Esther Doña’?

But in addition to love, in this soap opera there is a lot of money involved, a whole business around the exclusives that entails the engagement, the wedding, the honeymoon and if necessary, the divorce or even the annulment of the engagement. But that may well happen once hundreds of thousands of magazines on the subject have been sold. Let them ask Esther Doña, Tamara’s stepmother.

Carlos Falcó’s daughter announced with great fanfare, and without exclusivity, that she was marrying Inigo Onieva. He said (in Antena 3 he also charges) until the date and the place: June 17, in the El Rincón palace, the 19th century fortress that he inherited from his father, the deceased Marquis of Griñon However, after seeing some footage of her boyfriend making out with another, Tamara Falco could be marked and Esther Dona In all rules.

His stepmother, with whom he barely takes three years, announced his relationship with the judge Santiago Pedraz, with whom he had been in love for a year, through an exclusive in Hola magazine, and that same day it was learned that they had broken up, which left the magazine composed and without a girlfriend. The cases of the fourth wife and the daughter of Carlos Falcó have common elements, although the endings of both soap operas can be very different. Onieva, Tamara’s kissing fiancé, has confirmed that he is going to marry Tamara’s daughter Isabel Preysler “regardless”.

One of the essential differences between the case of Tamara and that of Esther Doña is that the Marquise Griñón did not announce her marriage commitment exclusively. But as soon as it was known that the winner of Masterchef and Íñigo Onieva had sworn eternal love, a video came to light, recorded three weeks ago, in which the businessman, supposedly, was being unfaithful to him, if a passionate kiss is infidelity.

Tamara was shocked as soon as she saw it and it has created a great disgust for her. She didn’t expect it. There have been other images hinting at the same thing but they could be questioned. However, they were never as clear as these, where a kiss is perfectly visible.

What they tell us Informalia is that Preysler’s daughter has believed the explanations that her alleged future husband has given her: that they were some old images, from several years ago, although it has been shown that this is not the case, that they are from two weeks ago. Even so, Tamara trusts her boy and a few hours later she left her house with him in the direction of a wedding to which she had already been confirmed.

That yes, Iñigo had clear instructions: you face the press and the pertinent explanations: “I love Tamara madly and that wedding is going forward regardless of whoever regrets it. I have never been disloyal to Tamara. Those images are ancient. outfitt of the festival are repeated year after year”, he said upon entering the farm where the wedding was being held. “Would you forgive an infidelity?”, they asked her: “But are we crazy or what?”, Tamara replied. I mean.

Judge Pedraz did not do the same with Esther Doña. He, as we anticipate on this portal, experienced a very unpleasant situation in Ibiza, and decided to end their relationship with a stroke of the pen. He didn’t give Esther a single chance, who a few days later was awarded a new companion: a wealthy businessman, supposedly in a relationship, with whom he would have spent a few days in Ibiza. A soap opera with a fatal ending in this case. Annulled wedding. At the moment, the game goes like this: Doña/Pedraz, 0; Tamara/Íñigo, 1. But, test passed? No, because the match is not over and no one can ensure that Esther and Tamara do not end up tied at zero.

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According to a person who knows Tamara well, right now “she is very screwed (sic). In front of the press you will see her with a smile, but look: it is not hers. It is a circumstance smile. She does not understand that a moment of so much happiness has been twisted. Her attendance at the wedding this Friday was mandatory, but Tamara did not want anything. The last thing she wants now is to go out on the street and appear in the media, “they explain to us.

Exclusive succulents but unpredictable future

This same person assures us that what can happen after this video is unpredictable. “On this occasion the evidence is obvious. And she is very annoyed, especially because it has been made so public. But it is likely that she will look the other way, let time pass and wait for all this to be forgotten and to run again a thick veil, because she wants to get married and this could be her last chance. However, “it should not be ruled out that this is the straw that breaks the camel’s back and decides that she does not need such a person by her side, that she is an independent woman, with great professional success, and that she does not have to go through these situations every so often.

What does unite the two Marchionesses, Tamara, the one who holds the title, and Esther, the widowed Marchioness of Griñón, is that in both cases magazines compete for their exclusives. Esther gave it talking about her link and many media are now looking for an explanation for the breakup, which, for now, has been denied.

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But obviously the figure that could reach the exclusive of Tamara’s wedding (and all the pack), if it ever takes place, is infinitely greater. The logical thing is that the Marchioness of Griñón did it with the magazine of her mother’s head, but at the moment it is not signed. well it is true that Hola It has not taken long to put a millionaire offer on the table that would include more or less: posed with mom, farewell, link and honeymoon. There are those who speak of about 250,000 euros. A priori it seems like an outrage impossible to make profitable, but in his case it would be in several installments, as was done with other artists, such as Bustamante who received around 150,000 euros to talk about his divorce from Paula Echevarria, or your own Bethlehem Esteban who claimed a pasture and posed alone on top. Still, that of Hola It has not been the only offer.

All the publications want Tamara on their cover dressed as a bride and saying ‘yes, I do’ to Íñigo. All the directors have sounded out her representative and not only those of heart, also those of fashion. Recall that his 40th birthday sponsored and organized Tella. That wedding is an economic gold mine. The brands dispute it, some, already related to the Duchess, such as Porcelanosa, Blazé Milano, Cortefiel (whose parent company has just signed Victoria Federica), Carolina Herrera, Pronovias and others. They all want to take a piece of the cake.

The dress chapter will be separate. In his documentary Netflix, Tamara fooled around with CH And maybe it’s a sign. The wedding announcement has served so that the platform of streaming be more willing to pay more for a second season of Tamara’s documentary (with wedding), which had run out of content. It may be that in the auction it is Netflix who quotes at least part of the exclusive. The Marquise, if she goes ahead with this life project, be it for love or because there is a lot of money involved, or both, she will celebrate the invitation in The corner, the farm that he inherited from his father, and that thanks to the first season of his documentary with Netflix he has managed to rehabilitate. And promote. There are no figures of what they have been able to pay him for this recording, but it has been a success.

Preysler, uncomfortable

Elizabeth Preysler, who knows men better than Florentino Perez to the footballers, She is very angry with all the media circus that has been mounted with the video and has already warned Tamara about the wedding, but she is so in love that, according to those close to her, she does not listen to anyone. We repeat: love is painted by a blind man blindfolded.

The chapter on brands does not end with her. Her brothers will also advertise with their costumes and jewelry because a photo of the elders, the children of Julio Iglesias, with her: Chabeli, Enrique Iglesias, Julius Joseph and Tamara with mom Preysler. And of course Ana Boyer and Verdasco. An impossible image since they were teenagers.

Tamara Falcó does not carry the gene for lasting marriage but she does have the gene for selling exclusives

About to turn 41, Tamara Falco has proclaimed to the four winds that Inigo Onieva, 33, got down on one knee and asked him to marry her, giving her an open engagement ring, gossips say that as open as the relationship, courtship and commitment between this engineer of the night and the Marchioness of Griñón.

His father, Carlos Falcomarried at the age of 26 with his first wife, Jeannine Girod, who was 20 years old, half the age of Tamara when she announced her first marriage this week. Jeannine Is the mother of Tamara’s older brothers, Xandra and Manuel Falcó. The relationship between the aristocrat and María de Pilar Juana Girod del Avellanal (real name of Jeannine) it was not peaceful. At the end of the 1960s they separated and years later they also achieved ecclesiastical annulment. She went crazy for the former president of Real Madrid, Ramón Mendoza, and lost custody of her children. Jeannine was born in Geneva (Switzerland) in 1943, into a family that had made a fortune in the fine watchmaking and jewelry business. Her sister, Marta Girod, married Rudy Bay, the founder of the Spantax airline company and a personal friend of Juan Carlos de Bourbon. Lugo would come, Tamara’s mother, Fátima de la Cierva and Esther Doña.

Elizabeth Preysler, the well-known Tamara Falcó’s mother married the father of the current Marchioness at the age of 29, almost eleven years younger than Íñigo Onieva’s brand new fiancée now has. Of course, the Filipina had already been married to Julio Iglesias, fruit of whose union were born Chabeli, Julio José and Enrique Iglesias. Isabel was 19 years old when on January 20, 1971, the singer swore eternal love to her in Illescas. And vice versa. Later, she Isabel married Miguel Boyer and after the death of Felipe González’s former Minister of Finance, in 2014, Mario Vargas Llosa came to her life.