Tamara Falco He celebrated his 41st birthday this Sunday. The Marquise de Griñón blew out the candles in a very different way at 40, without Inigo Onieva in his life and without pompous parties like the one of the previous year.

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This year it was calm and family after all the hurricane of his personal life. The daughter of Carlos Falco He has not revealed on social networks where he is and with whom he is celebrating his new age.

However, Beatriz Cortázar has revealed some details this Monday in Ana Rosa’s program: “He is in an exotic country. He has gone to Asia and is celebrating with his closest family.”

Tamara will return before Thursday, since she has a commitment in Madrid. In Mediaset they have revealed that in Asia she is with her mother, Isabella Preyslerand his sister Ana Boyer. Julio José Iglesias could also be with her, who last week introduced his girlfriend, Live Di Domenicoin an event in a very questionable way and branded as macho on social networks.

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Tamara’s life took a turn on September 23 when, just one day after announcing their engagement, the video of Íñigo kissing another woman during a festival in Nevada was released. After the pain she felt, she was blunt and broke off the relationship with the man she had been dating for two years. Two years in which the rumors of infidelity did not stop.