The chronology of the facts always has more value than that of the sayings: what they explain to the media Tamara Falco and above all Inigo Onieva After the scandal of the video of the marquise’s boyfriend kissing another woman on the mouth, the wedding continues. But the facts contradict them: she has deleted from her Instagram account the scene of the request and the announced their engagement And besides, he has gone to his mother’s house.

On September 22, Tamara Falcó announced her marriage commitment and then the news was contaminated by the leak of a video of her fiancé, Iñigo Onieva, making out with a girl during a music festival three weeks ago. The Marchioness of Griñón, who has deleted the Instagram post where she shared the news, initially believed Onieva’s crude explanation, that she lied, implying that the scene corresponded to a trip three years ago.

However, this Saturday, the daughter of Carlos Falcó traveled to the residence of the Elizabeth Preysler, at Iron Gate. The images obtained by the dozens of reporters who follow the Masterchef winner show Tamara’s serious face, logically very affected by the information that dismantles Onieva’s explanations. Between the “this is not what it seems” that the kisser tried to argue with “I’m going to my mother’s house” that the protagonist of this story executed, the romantic request for a hand has disappeared from the Marquise’s account, a a gesture that does not need further explanation, although we would love it if you gave it.

In the morreo video you can hear the song Leaves Bath (Maz Remix), a Luedji Luna & Maz theme that did not exist until last spring. This makes it impossible for the images to be three years old as the author of the alleged infidelity that has triggered the whole mess intended. To make matters worse, several television programs assure that there are more compromising images of Tamara’s supposed future husband.

Tamara Falcó shared the news of her engagement on Thursday the 22nd after denying what many media had anticipated. The marchioness wore a triple diamond ring and the text of the post read “Thank you, for proposing to be your partner for life. I feel like the luckiest woman on the planet and the yes I gave you I repeat it and I leave it in writing for never forget you. I love you”.

Onieva and Tamara reappeared this weekend during the wedding of some friends. Physically they were seen dislocated, distanced and bad, the truth. The young man defended himself by denying that the snogging with another woman was recent. “I’ve been to that place for several years, three years in fact, and that video is from 2019. They want to take this out on the day of our engagement announcement. I love Tamara madly. We’re going to get married no matter who weighs her “. But Tamara has gone to her mother’s house.