Tamara Falcó admits that criticism about her weight hurts: “What a lack of respect”

Much has been said these days about the supposed plan detox to which the daughter of Isabella Preysler to lose weight before their wedding on July 8. According to Save me, Tamara Falco I would enter a center specializing in weight loss plans to lose 8 or 10 kilos in three weeks.

Nothing could be further from the truth. “To lose those kilos I would have to be a year. That I could be thinner, yes; but, come on, I find it all a bit outrageous. As I have said several times, for me the important thing is the sacrament of marriage, ” the Marquise de Griñón has said to vanity.

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Tamara assures that all this information seems disrespectful to her: “The dress is made to measure and, therefore, it is made to my body. What a nonsense and lack of respect. I am at my ‘normal weight'”. Normal weight is the weight that is considered healthy for a person. It should be remembered that the future wife of Inigo Onieva He has struggled with the extra kilos due to a thyroid problem.

What Tamara will do is pamper herself with various beauty treatments before the big day, just like any other bride. Her link with the Madrid businessman will be held at the Palacio el Rincón, the family mansion of which she is co-owner along with her older brother Manolo. Informalia snuck into the palace to check how the preparations are going.