An investigation opened by the Swiss Justice against the former FIFA president, Sepp Blater, for an alleged payment of $ 2 million without documentation from the former UEFA president, Michel Platini, has reached the latter, Swiss media reported today .

Platini is now also accused and investigated on suspicion that he was complicit in mismanagement and diversion of funds.

The decision was formalized through a letter from the Swiss Prosecutor's Office dated June 5, according to Swiss public television RTS.

Blatter indicated to that media that he has been summoned by the Prosecutor's Office on September 1 and Platini the day before.

Platini, who was UEFA president from 2007 to 2015, served a four-year ban for violating the code of ethics of the organization by accepting in 2011 a charge authorized by the then President of FIFA, Joseph Blatter, of about 1.8 million euros for advisory work carried out between 1998 and 2002.

In December 2015, the FIFA Ethics Committee banned Joseph Blatter and Michel Platini for a period of eight years. For that reason. Later, the Appeal Commission reduced the sanction to six years and the TAS in May 2016 lowered it to four years, the one corresponding to a presidential mandate, as the opinion stated.