Sweden will show its support for Spain: “It is important that this fight continues, we want an equal world”


The Swedish national team will show its support for the Spanish national team players who are fighting for changes in the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) after denouncing “systematic discrimination against women”, during this Friday’s duel with which the competition begins. League of Nations in Gothenburg.

“They have been through a lot and it is sad that they have had to be a part of this, but it is a fight worth fighting. They take up the fight for the next generation. This is not a sports issue but a society-wide issue. I am proud of them and it is important that they feel the support of the whole world. It should not have to be like this in 2023. It is time to change,” said Kosovare Asllani.

The Swedish star appeared at a press conference and did not hesitate to side with the Spanish players, who once again demanded changes this Thursday, in the middle of a call to which they were forced but which they accepted with the aim of moving forward in the middle of meetings. with the Higher Sports Council (CSD).

Both the former Real Madrid player and the Swedish coach Per Gerhadsson announced that there will be a gesture that demonstrates Sweden’s support for the Spanish players, although they did not give details, in the match between both at the Gamla Ullevi.

“We had a previous generation that paved the way for us. We have already experienced this in Sweden. We want an equal world. We want more women and men who support women in important positions. We all want an equal world and it is very important that this fight continue, because we are far from an equal world,” he said.

In addition, Asllani was blunt about sexual harassment and celebrated the bravery of her professional colleagues. “Sexual harassment is a social problem and we must put an end to it. The whole world supports them and I personally feel proud that they are firm and in this fight for a better future,” she concluded.