This Wednesday Sweden returned to exercise with the loss of Pontus Jansson, that he was not well, although the antigen test was negative. Due to the two cases of coronavirus, Sweden has changed its daily protocols to prevent the coronavirus from affecting more players. This Tuesday the positive of Dejan Kulusevski, Juventus player, was known first, and only two hours later the news arrived of the infection of Mattias Svanberg, Bologna footballer and one of the best friends of the infected in the locker room.

The second positive came when Svanberg was in training camp, ready to work out with his teammates. That made the concentration consider whether they should take even stricter measures in the face of the possibility of an outbreak.Anders Valentin himself, a doctor from Sweden, said at a press conference that they should consult the authorities and review their protocols to minimize risks, because they are very different from those that, for example, Spain is following. where all the players have been exercising individually since the positive of Busquets was known.

The first action they took was the special supervision and additional distancing of four footballers who have been in close contact with Kulusevski, the first of the positives. The Swedish federation has preferred to keep the identity of these players secret to preserve their privacy.

In addition to that, they have taken the following measures after a meeting late Tuesday between the coaching staff and the medical staff. This will continue over the next few days until the risk of more positives is ruled out:

– Daily rapid tests of the players and increased number of PCR tests.

– All technical talks will be held in the future in small groups and in the largest rooms available.

– The training of the players will be limited in time and, as far as possible, will be held outdoors.

– The joint activities planned in the interior have been canceled.

– Traveling together by bus will be kept to a minimum.

– The number of players who are allowed to stay in gyms and other indoor facilities is even more limited.

It should be remembered that Sweden is Spain's first rival in the Eurocup, in a match that is scheduled for Monday, June 14 at La Cartuja in Seville. Right now, the two teams have two of their players called up with confirmed positives.


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