Janne Andersson, Sweden's coach, has copied the Spanish model and created a parallel bubble in the concentration of La Roja's first rival at the European Championship (on Monday at La Cartuja). The Swedes have two positives that met on Tuesday (Kulusevski and Svanberg), so they have decided to take this measure as a precaution against fear of an outbreak.

Those chosen are Jacob Rinne (AaB goalkeeper), Mattias Johansson (Gençlerbirligi right back), Joakim Nilsson (Arminia center back), Niklas Hult (Hannover midfielder), Jesper Karlsson (AZ forward) and Isaac Kiese Thelin (forward of Kasimpasa).

They will train on the sidelines until Sunday, at which time Andersson will make a final decision on the 26 summoned for the European Championship. In any case, these six players are ruled out to play against Spain because they have to remain isolated for a number of days, without contact with those called up, to avoid new infections.

“We assess the situation and analyze what we can do to further cover any mishap. We will call six players who come here, they stay in the hotel completely isolated, completely for themselves, they do not meet the rest of the summoned at any time. From there, they will train in the boot camp with separate materials. Poya Asbaghi ​​will coach this group ”, explained the Swedish coach.

In principle, Andersson's idea is to wait for the two players who have tested positive. Sweden has called up 26 players and only 23 can be called up for the matches, so it is not a major problem unless there are new positives. In addition, he trusts that the recovery of both is quick. Kulusevski had already passed the disease, so they trust that this time it will affect him very mildly. Svanberg, who everything indicates that Kulusevski infected him, he is without symptoms and gave a very slight viral load. In fact, in the antigen test on Tuesday morning he was negative and the virus was only detected in the PCR, with a very small load.


One of the most notable absences on the list is that of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who had recently returned to the Swedish national team. Faced with this situation, the coach has called the striker to find out his availability, but his injury prevents him from joining as it left him off the list at the time. “I have had contact with Zlatan. I did an additional check to see how he is doing with his rehab. We didn't expect to be able to summon him, but I checked for security. He is not so advanced ”, explained the Swedish coach.

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