Susanna Griso took her first communion on the day of one of her sisters’ wedding

Susanna Griso has pulled from BBC: weddings, baptisms and communions. The so-called family celebrations have crept into their chat in Public mirror Regarding the much talked about First Communion of the Turronero’s granddaughter. This was the anecdote.

The story begins with José Luis López El Turronero and the grand party he gave to his granddaughter when she received the sacrament. The event, on June 29 in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz), became a photocall of celebrities, from Escassi and Hiba Abouk, to Albert Rivera, Santiago Segura, Bárbara Rey and Carlos Herrera. Susanna Griso was also at the party, who threw a cape at the businessman from Ubrique in the face of criticism for such a maxi celebration: “He has a lot of friends, it’s true that there are a lot of them and that it got out of hand.” She then linked her story with that of her family.

“My mother, who had seven children and was tired of weddings, baptisms and communions… what did she do?” Griso begins. When her fourth daughter got married, her mother suggested: “We’ll have the wedding and Susanna will sneak in the communion.” Just like that, so natural. “She put me in front of my sister and her future husband and everyone was asking themselves ‘what is this girl doing?'” the presenter recalled. Result: “Nobody found out that it was my communion. It’s part of the anonymity that I’ve been subjected to in my family all my life,” she shared with viewers.

Very close to her family

Susanna is a very family-oriented woman and is very close to her family. The presenter, the youngest of the family, has suffered the loss of two of her six siblings. In 2021, she was very emotional and dedicated the Diversia Global Award to her brother Damián, who died years ago from HIV. In 2019, we learned live of the death of her older sister from a heart attack. Griso had to leave the set suddenly.