Susanna Griso compares Luis Miguel to Elvis Presley and has a ‘but’ about his concert at the Bernabéu: “There is a need for improvement…”

It was one of the big events of this weekend in Madrid and, now, it only remains in the memory of all those lucky people who experienced it: Luis Miguel performed twice at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, where thousands of spectators sang along to his songs. Among them was, in fact, Susanna Graywho commented on Monday Public mirror how he experienced the show.

The presenter attended the concert invited by Paloma Cuevas, who remained backstageHowever, among the audience were his parents, who, according to the journalist, did not seem to be going through “such a serious state (of health) as has been reported”: “They are adorable. They were in the front row, he was in a wheelchair. And there were great friends: Margarita Vargas, Luis Alfonso…”.

Pilar Vidal has clarified that among those present were also Michelle, the singer’s daughter, and his brother.. Faces that join the long list of celebrities who did not miss the event, such as the actor Álex González, the designer Paula Echevarría, the model Mónica Cruz and the son of Bárbara Rey, Ángel Cristo, who attended with his girlfriend, Ana Herminia. Many of them told the press that the concert had been spectacular, although not everyone thought the same.

The presenter herself acknowledged that, Although Luis Miguel was “immense”, the quality of the stadium was not fully exploited. “The acoustics at the Bernabéu need to be improved, Starlite does have it…” he said. These words add to the reproaches that some fans shared when leaving the performance, as some attendees regretted that the musician did not even say thank you when he said goodbye and that he “did not interact” with the public. “The security guards have given me a purple arm,” said another.

However, despite these small details, Griso gives the performance a passing grade. He even compared Luis Miguel to another music legend: “It reminds me, mind you, of Elvis… because of the hip movement.”

Its passage through the capital was closed, Luis Miguel has a long journey ahead of him through our countryas it has already booked shows in Murcia (July 10), Roquetas de Mar (July 13), Barcelona (July 17 and 18), A Coruña (July 21), Valencia (July 27) and Marbella (July 31 and August 2 and 3).