This weekend an image of Shakira He went around the world. The singer from Barranquilla, in a baseball game of her eldest son, which she also attended Gerard Piqué, made a hidden comb that did not go unnoticed. Witnesses say that she was addressed directly to her ex.

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After these images, Susanna Griso has commented on his program: “The comb is clear, but is it Piqué, the referee, the press? Piqué’s entourage tells that Shakira is being very critical, speaking ill of her father in front of the children and that the children have sided with the mother”, explained the presenter this Monday.

In this sense, he added: “To the point that when the divorce agreement was closed, this was reported by the press, Piqué asked them for a kiss and it was difficult for the children to kiss their father. If that is so, It seems bad to me, you never have to put children in,” the Atresmedia woman has sentenced.

The viral comb

Together but not mixed. As we collected, Shakira and Gerard Piqué coincided this weekend in the same space and time, in the baseball game of their eldest son, Milan, 9 years old. During the meeting, the Colombian singer energized the team. However, what caught the most attention was one of her gestures.

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During a moment of the game, the interpreter of Monotony He raised his middle finger in a somewhat curious way, while the former culé defender watched the game from the stands. The two reached an agreement for the custody of their two children on Monday, November 7, after an intense twelve-hour meeting at the family home in Espulgas de Llobregat, the same one that they have already put up for sale for a starting price. of ten million euros. Shakira takes them to Miami when she solves her affairs in Spain, and Gerard will be able to travel to Miami to be with them up to ten days a month. As for the holidays, 66% for the blaugrana and the remaining 33% for her.