Susanna Griso can’t believe the way Terelu Campos was treated: “How evil!”

Alejandra Rubio’s pregnancy continues to be a topic of much discussion. It’s been two weeks since the 24-year-old announced that she was pregnant with Carlo Costanzia, 31. The two knew they were going to be parents a couple of months after starting their relationship, and the fact that they have gone ahead with their future parenthood is something that many do not understand. In fact, there are those who consider that Terelu Campos’s agreement with this matter is only a facade to avoid media pressure. This was discussed this Monday in Public mirror.

The Atresmedia space presented, with Gema López, the statements that Terelu Campos would give if she did not contain herself in front of the press. In this way, the journalist put herself “in Terelu’s mind” to tell Antena 3 what she, supposedly, “does not say” to the magazines nor did she tell last weekend in It’s Friday! “That’s what he didn’t say, but we know what he thinks”Lopez explained.

Susanna Griso’s program thus advanced some invented statements, among them, “My daughter was dragged by Carlo to sell the exclusive of her pregnancy” and “My daughter didn’t want to, but of course, since he has no job or benefit, he forced her.”.

“This guy is going to bring us a lot of problems if he continues like this with the press. If he is going to be a Campos, he cannot continue in that defiant tone all the time. Our habitat is the sets and we have to act like dignified people, not like thugs. And see if you learn to speak.” […] My goodness, with the career I have, I have to see myself defending this guy on a television set.”the magazine added.

Words that Susanna Griso heard with laughter. “Oh, how evil, really, huh”he said, while journalists such as Laura Fa and Pilar Vidal applauded the credibility of these imaginary statements.