Susana Uribarri says that she did not leak Ana Obregón’s maternity: “Lequio will eat her comb”

You say, I say… To the debate on Ana Obregon resorting to surrogate pregnancy to become a mother again at age 68… The question is added about how the controversial cover of Hola that this Wednesday dropped the bomb. Who really knew the actress’s plans?

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Alessandro Lequioin this sense, has pointed this Thursday directly to the environment of the presenter, which is basically reduced to her representative and best friend, Susana Uribarriand public relations Raul Castillowho is like a brother to her.

“She has an environment, that’s good… Do you think Ra didn’t know anything? Do you think Susana Uribarri didn’t know anything? Everyone talks. But please, stop lying. Three weeks ago Cristina Tárrega asked me if this was true this”, Lequio said in Ana Rosa’s program, with comb included in the middle. Both Uribarri and Ra have denied having been aware of Ana’s intentions during the process, but Lequio has insinuated the opposite.

Ana has already responded to this accusation and has come out in defense of her “soul friends” on Instagram: “I want to thank you for the thousands of messages of affection for the arrival of this much-desired baby into the world, who has given me back the desire to live I want to make it clear that my soulmates, Susana Uribarri and Ra, did not know anything, it is a lie that they leaked it,” he wrote from Miami, while taking care of the girl.

Later, the turn of the daughter of José Luis Uribarri has arrived. She has defended herself against the accusations through Miguel Ángel Nicolás: “she has told me that Lequio will eat her comb”, the journalist has revealed in it’s already noon.

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This crossing of accusations is somewhat frivolous taking into account the debate that has been opened around the decision of the protagonist of Ana and the 7 of being a mother resorting to surrogacy in Miami (in Spain this method is illegal). The actress, who turned 68 last March, has become a mother again almost three years after the death of her only biological child, Aless Lequio.