The Spanish paratriathletes Susana Rodríguez, Daniel Molina and Andrea Miguelez achieved two gold medals this Saturday in the European Triathlon Championship, which is taking place in Madrid, where their compatriots Marta Francés and Nil Ruidavets, with two silvers, and Rakel Mateo, with a bronze, helped to a harvest of six medals for Spain.

In the PTVI modality, Susana Rodríguez won the title in the circuit located next to Lake Casa de Campo thanks to a time of 1:02:49; she finished ahead of French Annouck Curzillat, second with a time of 1:06:37, and Italian Francesca Tarantello, third with 1:06:51.

In the PTS3 modality, Daniel Molina was proclaimed continental champion after winning his test with 1:07:49; Dutchman Nico van der Burgt was second (1:08:44) and German Max Gelhaar finished third (1:08:52), while fellow Spaniard Kini Carrasco finished fifth with a time of 1:14:12.

In the PTS4 modality, Andrea Miguélez’s gold came with her victory in 1:09:44. Behind her, Marta Francés was awarded the silver medal finishing in 1:15:16 and the German Elke van Engelen completed the podium with her finishing record of 1:18:36, hanging the bronze.

In the men’s PTS4 race, Nil Ruidavets took silver by finishing in 58:00. Ahead was only the French Alexis Hanquinquant, winner with a time of 56:54. Third place went to his compatriot Pierre-Antoine Baele (58:53), while fellow Spaniard Alejandro Sánchez Palomero was sixth (1:01:40).

Rakel Mateo closed the successful morning session at the Casa de Campo for the Spanish delegation with her bronze in PTS2. She finished such test with a time of 1:39:01, behind the French Cécile Saboureau (gold with 1:23:07) and the German Neele Ludwig (bronze with 1:33:15).