As in all courses, things do not always go as desired on the first day. In the 2021-2022 football season, that of the return to normality, things are not being as many expected back in August. After a difficult transfer market, the first months of competition leave us some surprises, a drama and a concern.

The biggest of the surprises, pleasing without any doubt, is the provisional leadership of the Royal Society. It is the example of a club / family business that occupies a stable place in the market but achieves excellence at a certain point in time. Zubieta’s ‘mix’ with the world is paying off.

In our big three, the Real Madrid seems the most reliable of all. Barring the run-in with the Sheriff, it has proven to be an effective product from Ancelotti. The rising value of Vinicius and the life insurance of Benzema, allow him to live with a certain tranquility in this first third of the competition.

The ‘mattresses’ -Atlético de Madrid– they seem not to coexist as well as might be expected with the favorite band. A somewhat irregular start to the league and a very discreet start to the Champions make Simeone’s team a less competitive block than the previous year and above all with certain doubts when it comes to facing that new life with the role of favorites, where the “match a match “and” the pupae “do not take place.

Special mention, the FC Barcelona. The tsunami of Messi’s departure from the club has washed away Ronald Koeman. Despite the good management of the release of the salary bill in the market, lack of time did not allow its executives to achieve certain objectives in the summer. Now comes Xavi, the last great club captain. Champion of everything with Barça and the Spanish national team. Undoubtedly the call, time will tell us if the chosen one, to return to the club the lineage of coaches with Barça DNA (Cruyff and Guardiola above all), with which style and results go hand in hand. His first hours at the club are a breath of fresh air for some and a storm warning for others. The back to the reality of a football clubBy eliminating certain privileges inherent to other areas, they make the illusion of his signing (with the mystique of negotiating with his old club included), magnify before the return to the style and values ​​of the Barça club. We’ll see if they get back to being “a month than a club.”

The concern continues in some offices, especially of general directors and CEOs. To date, CVC’s capital is not consolidated in an injection of liquidity in the clubs. The commitments acquired by them cause the treasury of some to suffer to worrying levels. It seems that the mana will arrive in the first weeks of December, but is there a problem with the desired and necessary arrival of the fund? Definitely, the financial health of our competition depends on it. The wide sleeve in the registration of players at the end of the market, the projects and investments that must be materialized and have committed to the money of the fund, already need the urgent arrival of the same. Javier Tebas’ master play is currently on ‘stand by’, we are waiting for news, necessarily positive, to continue being the best League in the World.