The Uruguayan apologized to Morata after cutting his career in the final minutes of the extension. “Anyone would have done what you did,” whispered Simeone himself

Valverde demolishes Morata and is expelled at the end of the extension.

Sergio Ramos He did two things according to the Super Cup final, resolved by him from the penalty spot. First he leaves with great sportsmanship to comfort the rojiblancos players and then looked for Fede Valverde, hero of the final despite being expelled. His red left his with ten at a decisive moment, in the absence of a few minutes for the extension to end, but the entry he made on Morata Maybe I saved them from defeat. The young Uruguayan had to decide in a few tenths of a second, when he saw that the Atlantic forward was throwing himself straight towards Courtois, hand to hand. What to do Trust your goalkeeper, pray for the battering ram or stop as the opponent. Opt for the last option, the most violent. It was ugly, it should not be done, I apologize, then confessed halfway to the Montevideo boy, upset, after being congratulated by his companions.

Did the little bird as your countryman Luis Surez with Uruguay, in the 2010 World Cup, when he took a hand on the line with a ball that went inside in extra time against Ghana. Another red savior; on penalties, theirs won. Exactly like this Sunday Real Madrid to embrace the first title of the season. It was something that should not be done, I apologized to Morata. But it was the only thing he could do, the young soccer player insists, Zidane's big surprise in his second white project. On the way to the locker room, after worrying about the rival, sore on the floor, his entire bench came out to hug him, to cheer him up, to almost thank him because everyone knew that this action, that kick from behind, could be decisive. I also had it clear Simeone. Canchero as it is, would have reacted in the same way. It was the smartest. He even approached Valverde to whisper something in his ear. The player did not want to reveal it, but the rojiblanco coach did a few minutes after the charra wore in the press room his trophy for the best player in the Supercup. It was the key play. I said: 'Anyone would have done what you did' … We will see how many days they fall from sanction, the Argentine released, between the joke and the dart, always attentive to scratch the opponent.

Zidane, infallible in the finals

He has done very well, he had to do it. He has apologized to lvaro, his technician dedicated to him, who bet for him months ago. Never lose Madrid with holder Valverde. Nor does Zidane know what it is to fall in a final, unbeaten since he sat on the white bench, first as an assistant to Carlo Ancelotti (two finals, two wins) and then alone: ​​Three Champions, two European Super Cup, two from Spain, two from Mundialito. From a very complicated situation has raised a group again competitive, capable of overcoming the turbulence of summer – that ugly thrashed precisely against the Atlantic – and begin to grow gradually from the defensive rigor and taste for the ball.

He is still missing a sharp edge (injured Bale, Benzema, Hazard and Asensio), but with Ramos life in an end always easier. We come to win the trophy. It has been a difficult, complicated week. We suffer in a great final against an opponent who plays very well. It is one more trophy for the club. I want to congratulate the entire squad, those who played and those who did not, review the French before remembering the classic recipe of Real Madrid in these games without a net, that DNA stuck in the shield, especially when the steering wheel takes him l. The only final that escaped the whites in recent times was with another pattern in the band (Julen Lopetegui, in the European Supercup against the Atlantic). As we always do, we believe until the end, I pointed very happy.

Simeone comforts Valverde after the expulsion.

Just like his captain, whose first words were also for the hero of the night. Fede (Valverde) is going through a great moment, I'm glad for him, he's a great soccer player who knows where he is, with an immense personality. We would all have done the same in that entrance to Morata, sacrificing personal success for the good of the team, praised the Sevillian, with the battered ankle after a rather ugly torsin (The ankle was not to throw it at Panenka). In the list of important faces in the triumph, besides Valverde and Ramos, for his last penalty, was Courtois, as discussed at the beginning of the course as powerful now.

Pair during the match, in extra time and in Russian roulette. You review the penalties on the bench. Sal's was a bit surprised, but Thomas's was clear. It was a paradn. I threw it hard. I am very happy, with good stops and again with the goalkeeper to zero, applauded the doorman after his second title dressed in white.

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