Eibar saved the three points this Saturday, but had to suffer until the end against a combative Alcorcón who sold his defeat dearly (2-1) and did not collapse at any time despite losing already in minute 19 by 2 -0.

The Madrid players jumped onto the field without complexes, without ever giving the feeling of being the bottom team and the first minutes seemed to have dominated the situation.

But it didn’t take long for Eibar’s top scorer of the season to appear, Stoichkov, who scored the first goal in a low shot from the center of the area that he placed next to the left post after receiving a good assist from Álvaro Tejero after taking a free kick. .

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The Andalusian once again showed that he is sweet and every time he touches a ball he creates danger. The party was soon put to face for the gunsmiths.

Alcorcón soon wanted to rebuild the strong blow received and Juanma had the first chance for the Madrid team in minute 16, with a good shot from inside the area that went out.

It was a mirage since a few minutes later in a good play by the local team, the second goal came. Exposito crossed it very well to the left post with a low shot after receiving a good pass from Corpas, which surprised Jiménez.

The difference was already beginning to be noticeable for an Alcorcón, who had not done badly enough to have such an unfavorable score.

Alcorcón increased the pressure and was about to score in a loan to Yoel, which the goalkeeper cleared in extremis with his foot before the harassment of striker Lucho of the potter team.

The yellows did not give up, but Eibar played comfortably. Leschuk again brought danger in a shot that was lost wide after a good center from Tejero.

The Alcorcón advanced their lines knowing that they no longer had anything to lose and began to lock up an Eibar in their area, which was limited to defending itself with order. The players understood that the smartest thing to do was to manage their advantage.

Hernández had the clearest chance for Alcorcón in a point-blank shot that Yoel stopped well and then a counter from Eibar ended with a slightly deflected shot from Leschuk that went slightly high.

The game was totally broken, with the two teams launched into the attack in a wild way. So much was the pitcher to the source that after a throw-in and the subsequent play the ball hit the post and the rebound was finished off by Zarfino to the net, closing the gap for Alcorcón.

At the end of the first period, an impressive left-foot from Marc Gual from the edge of the area entered the goal, but the goal was canceled for offside, after being reviewed by the VAR.

Alcorcón had managed to put fear in the body of Eibar, who in the second period came out more cautious. Stoichkov warned again in the 52nd minute with a long shot that skimmed the post.

But the visitors were not satisfied and continued to play with courage looking at the opposing goal. The gunsmiths did not have all of them with them and tried to rearm their defense with the entry of Correa.

The yellows kept insisting, but Eibar was not resigned to defeat despite playing against the second classified. A double occasion armera with two shots of Corpas and Correa was a new warning for the potters.

The game continued on the same lines, with enormous tension and wear and tear for both teams due to the tightness of the scoreboard.

The Alcorcón looked for the surprise and the Eibar defended tooth and nail their minimum income. Edu Expósito tried again with a shot from outside the area, on one of the few occasions in this second half for the locals.

The Madrilenians did not want to leave Ipurua without scoring and in the final stretch of the match Zarfino had a good opportunity in a header that went wide.

At the end of regulation time, Marc Gual spliced ​​a strong shot that was very close to entering, in what was Alcorcón’s last attempt to equalize. They stayed close and although they did not score, they did not give at all the image of being a team sunk in the tail.

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Eibar: Yoel, Tejero, Etxeita, Burgos, Toño García (Correa, m. 60), Sielva (Atienza, m. 80), Sergio Álvarez, Corpas Quique González, m. 70), Edu Expósito, Stoichkov (Aketxe, m. 80) and Blanco Leschuk (Llorente, m. 70).
Alcorcón: Jiménez, Laure, David Fernández, Gorosito, Bellvís (Forniés, m. 46), Aguilera (Gorostidi, m. 58), Lucho (Xisco, m. 75), Juanma (Hugo Fraile, m. 58), Zarfino, Hernández ( Córdoba, m. 70) and Marc Gual.
Goals: 1-0, m. 12. Stoichkov. 2-0, m. 19. Exposed. 2-1m. 42. Zarfino.
Referee: Oliver De la Fuente Ramos (Castilian-Leonese Committee). He admonished Lucho in minute 43, Laure in 45 + 1 and Bellvís in 45 + 2. In 57 he admonished Etxeita
Incidents: 4,613 spectators in Ipurua.

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