Suárez, the second greatest impact of the ‘Era Simeone’

The Atlético de Madrid
The club and its fans are delighted with how the great signing of the season is performing. We talk about Luis Suarez, a key piece in the fact that the rojiblanco team is the leader of The league.

His goals, especially in recent games, have been vital, in the final stretch of clashes, to give victory or to equalize games that had been very uphill.

Right now is Pichichi of the table, with 12 goals, along with En-Nesyri, command the artillery table. He only needed 18 shots on goal to hit those targets. It is 66% effective. An atrocity. Its impact on the Athletic, in the fans, it has been huge. It's your best start as a professional. It is said soon. Not in the Liverpool, nor in the Ajax, Groningen or Barça he had scored so many goals in his first 15 games.

In fact, among the signings of the It was Simeone There is only one player who surpasses him, in the opinion of the rojiblancos fans. MD wanted to know, from the hand of the fans, who is that signing of this last part of the mattress history that had most penetrated in its first season.

Luis Suárez shines at Atlético

And we talk about players like Mandzukic or town, who did really well in those first (and in their case only) campaigns, with more than twenty goals. But there is a scorer who impacted even more than Suárez himself for the fans. Was Radamel
Falcao. And it is that that year 11/12, in which he arrived himself Simeone mid-season, it was just brutal. Nothing less than 36 goals and four assists. Six doublets, two 'hat-tricks' …

The Colombian is the player who has had the most impact in his first campaign, he has taken 51.8% of the votes. Y Luis Suarez It is the second that has had the most impact for fans, with 37.6%. Next on this list is Fernando Torres, which also had a great homecoming, which has taken 4.5% of the votes.

It is not just a sensation. It has to do with your own athletic performance. The Uruguayan forward only has a slightly lower average (0'79) so far this season than the best of the Colombian (0'82). It has better numbers than Diego Costa or Antoine Griezmann.

But its impact is not only on the grass, which it obviously is. It also has to do with his hierarchy, his involvement, his character within the field and his ancestry to the rest of his teammates. He is a winner, someone used to fighting for titles and that is moving into the locker room.

Simeone He has no doubts about the importance of Uruguayan
. “From the moment I spoke to Luis on the phone, I found out what he is transmitting in the field. I really want to be current. The team is accompanying him so that he can develop his best version ”, he recently pointed out. “I value Luis for what he is, we went looking for him, he wanted to come and is transmitting what we talked about on the phone when we started the search. Hopefully he can maintain this regularity, we need him for his hierarchy, strength and forcefulness ”, he added a few weeks ago.