The triumph achieved by
Atlético de Madrid
before him Villarreal, last Sunday in The ceramic, left a car of good news for the mattress team. To begin with, they won again, after four games without doing so.

Especially important in the face of harassment Real Madrid Y FC Barcelona at this point in the season, especially on the eve of next Sunday's derby against the white box. Then he left a clean sheet after eight games without doing it, that the team needed him.

And what to say about the great goal and the good game of Joao Felix
, recovered something for the cause at a key moment of the course. Among the few things that left a bitter aftertaste was the fact that the team's top scorer, which in this case is Luis Suarez, could not find a door once more.

There are 16 goals that the Uruguayan has at the moment, in 26 games. However, right now he is experiencing his worst situation since he signed for the mattress team. He has not seen the door since the game against him Celta Vigo, on February 8.

475 minutes have passed since then without seeing the door. He failed to score against grenade, the two games against Levante; the appointment of Chelsea in Champions and last weekend's game, against him Villarreal.

What happened? He has stopped having opportunities. Well not really. He is still very close to the positions in which he scored without problems before this streak, but it is true that he shoots less between the three suits. In these last five games without scoring he has added 15 shots, three of them on goal (one at the post, the free-kick he threw against I raised). The average number of shots is three per game despite the fact that in the last two, Chelsea Y VillarrealHe only finished once. That in the aforementioned section, because in the overall season, his average is almost three shots per game (the same as in this drought), but it is true that he has an average in the season of 1.2 shots on goal per match. When in the last five games it has been reduced by half, 0.6 on average. He only shot at the door before grenade, I raised Y Villarreal.

If he Athletic wants to win, a good part of his options will go through the fact that the Uruguayan is reunited with the goal.


Suarez is motivated in an extra way before him Real Madrid. He is especially suspicious of the white team for something that happened many years ago. You have to go back to 2014 when the Uruguayan was the fashion forward in Europe. He came from succeeding in the Liverpool and did a great world. With a big blur, that bite to Chiellini which earned him a severe sanction of the FIFA.

So, the player was in a war between the FC Barcelona and the Real Madrid to sign him. The white club was very interested in him, as well as the Catalan. But after what happened with the Italian defender and the criticism that rained down on the striker, he unchecked himself and did so leaving the player at the foot of the horses, talking about not behaving in accordance with the supposed values ​​that govern the white club and other verbiage .

The South American did not sit well. No longer the fact that the Real
Madrid would pick up the hook, but instead do so by muddying his name because of a mistake he made and for which he paid more than enough. During the following years he would take revenge, making the white team one of his favorite rivals. It has only marked him more, in his career, to Valencia (13), Norwich (12 and Eibar (12).

The Real Madrid he is one of the rivals to whom he has scored 11 goals alongside a Betis, Willem
II Y Seville. No less than 11 goals in 17 games, with a balance of seven wins, four draws and six defeats