Real Madrid only have three casualties for the Classic, the problem is that they are all in defense. Dani Carvajal, Ramos and Varane, the latter positive for Coronavirus. Of the three, it was news in the session this Thursday in Valdebebas Carvajal. If on Wednesday it seemed that his return was almost a fact, because he trained at the same pace as his teammates, took a small step back in the last session. He did specific work alone and it is very difficult to get on the list to play the Classic. Either way, its ownership was ruled out.

The numbers speak clearly of the lack that Carvajal has made this season. He has only been able to play 12 of the 38 games played by Real Madrid, but the team has not lost any of them: nine wins and two draws. And, beyond that circumstance, Zidane met with him and with Lucas Vazquez a magical right wing that ensures the necessary balance to bring out the Italian matches, given the lack of a goal after Cristiano left. With Carvajal and Lucas occupying the right-hand side, Madrid has reaped six victories and two draws. That that band is repeated against Liverpool in the second round is also almost ruled out.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Carvajal is showing a certain tendency to injuries in recent months. If this season he has only been able to play 12 games out of 38 because of four misfortunes (all of them muscular except the first, a ligament injury that had him out in 8 games), in 2018-19 a total of 16 were lost and in the previous one, 2017-18, up to 13. There is only a parenthesis in this marked trend, the coronavirus season (the last one, 2019-20), especially because a great The break split the campaign in two and there was a lot of rest for the players.

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