Being a layman on the matter, I see the consideration by the Court of Justice of the European Union as State aid to the tax regime that affects Athletic bad news for our Club model. I do not know the next step and when it can take place, but it portends dark clouds and scenarios that collide with our interests.

Again, the evolution of football poses a new challenge, another little girl in the shoe like that one Law Bosman
. It is time to adapt while maintaining our identity.

Key day, changing sport, for him Bilbao Basket. Multiple duels between rivals for permanence. All will not add up. And we cannot fail.

After brilliantly overcoming a final against Gipuzkoa Basket, another two vital days that can give wings and put others in the well. Leaving Betis and Estudiantes behind would be an incredible morale boost. Going out like in Illumbe, Despite the absence of our best player, the Black Tide, we will get very close to the goal.

A few more seasons at the ACB would almost definitely save the project. Go!!!