One of the founders of Spotify, Daniel Ek, has insisted this Wednesday that his offer to buy Arsenal is “very serious” because it is the club he has loved since he was eight years old, an opportunity he considers unique to “return the glory” to the Gunners.

Arsenal Shield / Flag

The group 'Kroenke Sports & Entertainment (KSE), owner of Arsenal, was pronounced last Tuesday assuring that they will not sell under any circumstances. “We remain 100% committed to Arsenal and we do not sell any stake in the club. We have not received any offers and we will not accept any offers,” they add.

Ek, meanwhile, He told CNBC that he has a “compelling offer” for the club and that he has already secured the finances necessary to support the purchase. “I have been an Arsenal fan since I was eight years old. Arsenal is my team. I love history. I love the players. And of course, I love the fans,” he said.

“So when I look at that, I see a tremendous opportunity to establish a real vision to bring the club back to glory. And I want to establish trust with the fans and I want to involve them again (…) I am very serious. I have secured the funds for it and want to bring what I think is a very compelling offer to the owners and I hope you listen to me, “added the founder of Spotify.

“I'm only focused on the club, I focus on the fans and I focus on trying to bring the club back to glory and, as you said, I am first and foremost a fan. That is the most important thing for me and I want the club to do better, that is my main interest, “he said.


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