Sporting added three points at the expense of Malaga, which defeat leaves him in a dangerous situation, while the locals continue to believe in the miracle of being able to reach the sixth position from which they are separated by three points, but for which they fight the most teams.

The locals came out stronger and the first warning was given by Nacho Méndez in the first minute, but his shot went high. The one who did not fail was the side Unai Medina, who joined the attack and received a great pass between Pedro Diaz's central defenders. Medina resolved with an accurate shot adjusted to the left post to which Munir did not arrive, overtaking Sporting in the 3rd minute.

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Málaga was unsuccessful in the first part, in which it was overcome on numerous occasions and ended with a 2-0, after the goal by Alvaro Vázquez in the 31st minute.

The second part began with changes in Malaga as Pellicer left Benkhemassa and Juankar in the booth giving Adrián and Tete entrance, seeking to improve the game and the result because the defeat left him in a rather delicate situation.

Sporting's response came in the boots of the young Gaspar, who shot from afar after a good combination of several teammates, but his shot went high. The next few minutes were the most control of the match by Malaga who had a great opportunity in the 51st minute in a dangerous loss by Pedro Díaz, near his area, which allowed Hicham to shoot, but the shot went off the post Mariño's goal.

The visiting dominance was even more because Sporting took a step back defending the advantage achieved in the first 45 minutes, but this control of the ball did not entail danger for Mariño.

Sporting was looking to surprise on a counter and was about to do so in the 68th minute, when Munir had to leave at the feet of Álvaro Vázquez who had won the centrals by speed and who did not arrive thanks to the timely departure of the Andalusian team goalkeeper .

The referee annulled a second goal by Álvaro Vázquez for offside and Málaga made up the result when Keidi Bare took advantage of a mistake in the local defense and finished off a ball at point-blank range against which Mariño could do nothing (minute 91).

Data sheet:

Sporting Gijón: Mariño, Unai Medina (Babin m ,, 36), Molinero, Marc Valiente, Damián Pérez, Javi Fuego, Pedro Díaz (Cristian Salvador m, 72), Murilo (Manu García m, 76), Nacho Méndez (Berto m . 90), Pablo Pérez (Gaspar m, 36) and Álvaro Vázquez.

Málaga: Munir, Cifuentes, Juande, Lombán, Diego González (Cristo m, 76), Juankar (Adrián m, 45), Hicham (Buenacasa m, 61), Benkhemassa (Tete m, 45), Luis Muñoz (Keidi Bare m, 54), Sadiku and Juanpi

Goals: 1-0 Unai Medina (m, 3), 2-0, Álvaro Vázquez (m, 31), 2-1 Keidi Bare (m, 90)

Referee: Díaz de Mera. He showed a yellow card to Nacho Méndez (m, 53), Javi Fuego (m, 56). Keidi Bare (m, 78).


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