Jesús ‘Tecatito’ Corona, Sevilla’s first reinforcement in the winter market, was presented to the media this Monday after making his debut for a few minutes in the Cup derby against Betis, which meant the elimination of Julen Lopetegui’s men this Sunday. when the suspended game was resumed on Saturday due to the blow to the head received by the player Joan Jordán.

The Mexican international has acknowledged that meeting Lopetegui at Porto was key to deciding on Sevilla, a club that has been weighing his signing for some time. “Yes, I think if I remember correctly, they have been following me for about a year and a half. I have been having talks with Lopetegui, with my partner Óliver (Torres) who I already had in Porto, and always speaking highly of here. That made my decision to come stronger.”

Tecatito expects Lopetegui to ask him “the same thing he has been telling me since he met me, to play my game, to enjoy football, that is how one manages to stand out”, he added, while thanking the words of praise he has received from the technician. “It’s something I’ve said on a few occasions, that when a player is praised in this way, the only thing left for him is to thank him, feel lucky and work day by day to try to be better and return that confidence”.

Tecatito also acknowledged having chatted with Chicharito Hernández, the last Mexican who played for Sevilla, as well as the Basques Guardado and Lainez. “I have spoken with him and he has wished me the best, he has told me wonders about the club and the city, that I am going to find people who are going to make my life easy here. Thanks for that. They have wished me the best of success, and I to them”, expressed a ‘Tecatito’ who did not want to assess the controversy that arose with Guardado in the last few hours and his mockery of Jordán with the blow in the derby.