Real Madrid 0 (4) – Atlético 0 (1)




The Slovenian goalkeeper has been unable to guess any of the nine penalties in two batches (Miln'16) against Real Madrid. He has only stopped one in four playoffs (22 shots) with the Atletico


Sergio Ramos celebrates the decisive penalty against Oblak.
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As if he still had that tragic Miln night in mind, Jan Oblak beat his left on Dani's first penalty Carvajal. In San Siro, four years ago, I trust all his luck on the opposite side and do not intuit any of those maximum penalties. In the King Abdullah Sports City stadium in Jeddah, neither was he successful with any of the four shots (Carvajal, Rodrygo, Modric and Ramos) with which Real Madrid set them apart from what would have been the third Spanish Super Cup in its history. You study the penalties, you look at them, you can work, but in the end the player who shoots decides where, argued the goal in Movistar's microphones.

The reality is that the Slovenian goalkeeper has not had a choice in any of the nine pitches received between those two decisive battles before the neighbor, both far from the capital, where two titles have escaped his team. It is more, in the four (Leverkusen, PSV and two before Real Madrid) who has lived under the sticks since his arrival at the Attic, in the distant summer of 2014, he has only been able to guess one. Went to turkish Calhanoglu, in front of Bayer Leverkusen (2015), the night that the red and white goalkeeper definitely grabs. A single success (and three rivals of the rivals) in the 22 shots received. A statistic very different from the one he has from 11 meters during the matches: he has stopped nine of the 21 that have signaled his team, including that clebre in Mnich that served for the Atletico to play the final of the Champions League of 2016.

Our bad luck is that they have thrown and scored. We unfortunately fail both. It is football. It is a lottery. We didn't have enough luck to win, aada Oblak, key for his team to bring down Barcelona in the final semifinal sprint. And, also, decisive to thwart the attempts of Real Madrid to avoid the extension and, later, the penalties. From his goalkeeper he saw how Morata was heading in that final assault towards the goalkeeper of Courtois, his predecessor in the red and white goalkeeper, and how Fede Valverde frustrated that last occasion with an entry that earned him the red one. It is not nice to see it, but in the end it has done so that we do not mark. You decided and we didn't have that last chance to win, last night the captain of the Atlantic, who had to wear the bracelet for the absence of the injured Koke. The midfielder bit his fingernails in the stands next to Diego Costa and Lemar, still convalescent, who traveled on the same Sunday to witness the crash.

Curiously, the batch started as Miln finished. If then Juanfran Torres sent his shot to the post, this time it was his turn Salt, who returned to the Atletico in 2014 winning a Spanish Super Cup at Real Madrid. Review the pitchers on the bench, Sal surprised me a little but Thomas had it clear, argued from the other goalkeeper the Belgian Courtois, who knew both of his stage as a rojiblanco, especially the Spanish international.

The Gimnez Heater

lvaro Morata He had no chance to try his luck in front of his ex. The forward lived the epilogue in the center of the field, with one hand and some cold on the prominent chichn that protrudes from his forehead. Carvajal had unwittingly hit him with his boot, just after Valverde's sluggish entrance. That is why I experienced the outcome with a considerable headache. As before Barcelona, ​​Morata was the spear of his team. He even had a hand-in-hand with the rival goalkeeper, but he remained unmarked to those who were his teammates.

Gimnez clears a ball against Real Madrid.

Maybe by then, to Gimnez He would have passed the heat with which he left the lawn in the equator of the first part of the extension. In the 97th minute, the central Charra, who came from an injury, looked at how Savic He was preparing to enter his place. He ran off to the bench and sat down to witness the end trying to quell his anger. A movement of his coach motivated by the health of his player.

We have had to face two of the best teams in the world in three days. We have won three finals and we have lost another three against Real Madrid. In 90 minutes we have never lost, Simeone argued. We are in a good dynamic to achieve something important, added VitoloThat, if Joao Flix's life signs, he appeared after the break to add another gear to his team.

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