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Spanish football, to the point

Gabby Barker



The open war between Luis Rubiales Y Javier Thebes It is still hotter than ever in the midst of a football stoppage caused by the severe coronavirus pandemic, the consequences of which for Spanish football remain unpredictable both at a sporting and economic level.

The President of The league yesterday stepped out to rule out a financing offer proposed by the Federation of 500 million euros so that the First and Second clubs can face the economic impact caused by the coronavirus. The reason for the refusal of Thebes is that the proposal contravenes the regulations that regulate the sale of audiovisual rights.

“Thank you for your offer to LaLiga of a € 500 million loan with the guarantee of television rights, but it has happened again as with insurance policies in a pandemic. It is impossible. Read the first additional provision of RD 5/2015 of centralized TV sales ”, wrote the president of LaLiga on his Twitter account.

Thebes reproduced the aforementioned paragraph of the Royal Decree stating that LaLiga “may use all the rights whose commercialization it has legally assigned as a guarantee to access financing, with the sole purpose of providing the participating clubs and entities that make it up with resources to pay off their debts with Public Administrations ”.

Now, the eternal dispute between the Federation and clubs has also been joined by the AFE, which yesterday positioned itself alongside the clubs to deny a supposed agreement for the players to increase between 15% and 20% their salary in the event that competition resumes.

Aganzo and Tebas step out

David Aganzo, president of the players union, denied that the AFE and LaLiga had reached an agreement for the soccer players to accept a 10% salary reduction in the event that there was no soccer before June 30.

As reported yesterday by the chain CopeBoth organizations would also have agreed that if there was time to play the remainder of the league championship in the months of June-July, in compressed format, the AFE would accept to play every 48 or 72 hours. In exchange, each First and Second player would earn 15-20% more.

So much David Aganzo how Javier Thebes they hastened to deny this agreement. “We sit down and talk about this serious problem looking for serious solutions,” said the president of LaLiga in a tweet, shortly after Aganzo Deny the information by entering live in the Partidazo de Cope.

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