The Ordinary General Assembly of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation (RFEA) 2021 was held this Sunday in the Goyeneche auditorium of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE), again in person and with the good news, in addition to the results of its athletes, of the consolidation of the commitment to innovation and digital transformation.

For the first time since 2019, the Ordinary Assembly was once again in person after two years of telematic sessions due to the coronavirus pandemic. The president of the RFEA, Raúl Chapado, opened the Assembly remembering those who died from the pandemic and then presented his 2021 annual report.

“A year of enormous complexity in which we have to be satisfied with how we have faced it. Not only did we survive, but we prospered, grew and came back stronger than before the pandemic. Together we have overcome this year, we came out more resilient, more innovative and creative, and with more confidence in our sport. We must build on this positive momentum to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities offered to Spanish athletics in the coming years,” he said.

Chapado detailed the evolution of the different innovation and digital transformation programs of the Development Plan for Strategic Objectives of the RFEA Aspiration 2030. There, the president of the Federation had a special impact on all the projects associated with digital transformation aimed at improving the form of management, organization and dissemination of athletics.

In the financial section, there was a 4% reduction in the budget due to the decrease in funding for the Higher Sports Council, the increase in organizational spending and spending on the operation of the National Team “due to the need to comply with the regulations of COVID-19” and the reduction of institutional support for the organization of championships.

However, Chapado pointed out that “one of the first measures was not to remove aid from any sector” and the forecast deficit was reduced from 352,000 euros to 202,000. Raúl Chapado clarified that “the financial situation of the RFEA is totally healthy and the Federation is solvent”, with zero debt, own funds that reach 2 million euros, a net worth of 2.3 million euros and a fund positive maneuver of 148,000 euros.

In sports, Chapado was able to breastfeed for national athletics. “We have seen our athletes come back stronger, faster and more competitive. We don’t know the medals they will be able to win, but we do know that they are going to leave their skin,” he said, highlighting the 103 Spanish records or best Spanish marks in history that have been They achieved in 2021, in addition to the bronze medal, 11 finalist positions and 15 athletes in the top 10 at Tokyo 2020.

One of the most positive data has been, not only the recovery of the number of athlete licenses, but also the growth, reaching 24,607 (+10%), “an all-time record”. The budget presented for the 2022 financial year is 14.6 million euros, with an estimated increase of 21% compared to the accounting closing of 2021. The Assembly approved the final settlement of the 2021 budgets and the 2022 budget was approved.

Chapado pointed out that the objective is “to achieve the viability of our organizational structure, without generating a deficit and recovering our own resources.” “We must not underestimate the achievements of our sport by working together in a situation of extraordinary difficulty. We need to face the great challenges that are yet to come with courage and determination,” he concluded.