This was the performance of the national team players against Greece:

Photo by Unai Simón

Unai Simon: Attentive and focused. Sweden always gave a sense of danger in their attacks, but the Athletic goalkeeper did not have to use himself fully at any time because the Swedes, with Fosberg in the lead, finished off wide.

Photo of Azpilicueta

Azpilicueta: Willful and rocky. It was once again a guarantee in the defensive phase. In the offensive phase he participated less than other games.

Photo of Laporte

Laporte: Elegant and powerful. It was not enough and he prevailed in most of the duels. And at the beginning of the game he was excellent, as always.

Photo by Pau Torres

Pau Torres: Quick and well placed. Approved. It was more forceful than in other games with Spain.

Photo of Alba

Alba: Boisterous and incisive in his additions to the attack. He lacked precision in his centers to the area, but he maintained the tension and drive in search of the victory necessary to be directly in the 2022 World Cup.

Photo of Busquets

Busquets: Well in the structure of the beginning of the game, he suffered again in the defensive transitions. It was another of those games in which his uneven performance casts doubt on his presence at the World Cup in Qatar next year.

Photo by Carlos Soler

Soler: He didn’t have his night. It was not the overflowing and vertical Carlos Soler and he was very imprecise in the pass, losing many balls. He was substituted in the 73rd minute by Mikel Merino.

Photo de Gavic

Gavi: Vigorous and motivated. The fans chanted the name of the Sevillian in La Cartuja several times due to his display of power and quality and when he was substituted in the absence of a minute. The only starting half in the two matches on this date FIFA.

Photo of Sarabia

Sarabia: Always comply. A shot that skimmed the post, a good cross and several level walls. Of the best of the first half. The quarter of an hour he played in the second half was also one of the best. It was changed to give entry to Rodrigo Moreno.

Photo by De Tomás

RDT: The Espanyol forward moved as Luis Enrique’s system dictates. He came to receive to unload, he always helped in the pressure and he associated well. He did not enjoy any clear opportunity, but he was very well off the mark. Raúl de Tomás has come to stay in the National Team. He left his place to Morata in the 59th minute.

Photo by Dani Olmo

Dani Olmo: Stubborn and vertical. He always tried one against one, with unequal fortune. He is a regular starter for Luis Enrique and points to a permanent fixture on the Qatar World Cup list that will be known in a year. From a hard shot of his came the winning goal in the rejection that Morata hooked.


Photo of Morata

Álvaro Morata: He entered in the 59th minute for Raúl de Tomás. He came out with a bite in search of the goal, had a counter that ended with a low left foot that was stopped by the Swedish goalkeeper. The next one he had, he put it inside, by hooking the rejection of Olmo’s shoe to the crosshead.

Photo by Rodrigo

Rodrigo Moreno: It was started in the 59th minute by Pablo Sarabia. He entered with great enthusiasm and gave mobility to the attack of Spain in search of the winning goal.

Photo of Merino

Mikel Merino: He replaced Carlos Soler in the 73rd minute. He balanced the midfield and was successful in passing.

Photo by Rodrigo

Rodri Hernández: He left in the 89th minute for Gavi to reinforce the center of the field. He endured the last Swedish attacks in search of a tie

Photo of Brais

Brais Méndez: Entered in the 89th minute by Dani Olmo. He defended the last attacks of Sweden with the whole team


Luis Enrique: He surprised again with the line-up when he removed RdT from the starter. He did not change the plan although the ball did not enter. He gave the team a bigger bite by putting Morata and Rodrigo Moreno in. The pressure failed him and he achieved the goal of qualifying Spain for the World Cup in Qatar. For asking something, he could try another system to face the World Cup. La Cartuja chanted his name at the end of the match