And it is a fact, Spain will be in the Qatar World Cup 2022 and with this there will already be 15 great appointments of championships of consecutive selections without missing the Roja. A great competition has not been lost since it was out of the Swedish European Championship 1992, and it has rained since then.

Along the way, there have been 7 World Cups (there will be 8 with Qatar 2022) and 7 Euro Cups, with a not inconsiderable background of two titles in terms of the continental championship (2008 and 2012) and one in terms of the planetarium (2010 ). Whenever he has reached the final, the Roja He has lifted the title, and only once, last summer when he lost to Italy, has he reached the semifinals without becoming champion.

The aforementioned undoubtedly speaks of the growth of the Selection in recent times and at the same time it also stages that, although there was a golden generation that signed the aforementioned triplet, it has had a generational change and looks to the future with ambition.

Yes 15 (adding Qatar 2022) will be the great consecutive appointments that will accumulate Spain At the end of next year, a total of 12 are already the World Cups in which it has been interrupted. You don’t miss one from West Germany 1974, so it can be said that all the members of the current Selection have grown up watching Spain dispute each and every one of the editions of the world Cup.

Even Luis Enrique, who was born in 1970, the latter can be applied to him, because he hardly remembers that when he was 4 years old there was a World Cup without Spain. In the next one, the Roja and he is one of the great responsible. It deserves to be said over and over again

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