Spain thrashes and hooks

The national team, with a record attendance in the New Arcángel, beats Switzerland and adds its second victory in the Women’s Nations League


The Spanish team achieved its second victory in its Women’s Nations League group after beating Switzerland 5-0 this Tuesday, in a peaceful duel for the world champion, who also managed to engage the fans, who set a new record attendance in a ‘Roja’ match with the 14,194 spectators who attended the Nuevo Arcángel Stadium in Córdoba.

Spain debuted its star in front of its fans, which it rewarded with a win, certification of its superiority against a rival that it had already easily defeated on its way to lifting the world champions trophy, also the protagonist when it was carried in the preludes of the clash by Irene Paredes and Alexia Putellas. It was not a match as brilliant as last Friday’s against Sweden, but solid enough to get the win without any problems and close in the best possible way a week that started marked by extra-sports.

Montse Tomé made two new additions compared to the victory against Sweden, both on the right side, with the entries of Oihane Hernández and Eva Navarro for Ona Batlle and Athenea del Castillo. Spain, as expected, started dominating, supported by a New Archangel who did not stop encouraging the world champion, less fine than usual.

Switzerland, despite its theoretical inferiority, tried not to lose face in the match. She took refuge near her area and tried to disconnect the ‘engine room’ of the locals, where Alexia Putellas, captain this time, was the one who shone the most. The visitors gave the first warning in a corner kick headed by Maritz, while Lucía García and Eva Navarro gave the Spanish response.

But the attempt not to raffle the ball and to play it as best as possible at all times played a trick on Inka Grings’ team. Goalkeeper Herzog got tangled in her area against Mariona Caldentey and finally it was Lucía García who pushed the score into the net for 1-0 after a quarter of an hour of play.

The advantage did not fully unleash the world champion, who was somewhat erratic in her handling of the ball and had a hard time generating very good chances. Behind her, she maintained discipline despite the attempts of the Swiss, who did not stop trying, but only tested Cata Coll’s gloves on a weak shot by Sow.

Another loss near their area almost cost the visitors 2-0, with Mariona Caldentey not defining in the best possible way, and it was in added time when Spain got the victory back on track with an appearance by Aitana Bonmatí from the second line to finish off a good center from Olga Carmona, and with some help again from Herzog.


The second half had less rhythm, especially because it ended too soon in favor of Montse Tomé’s team, which put Athenea del Castillo and a pure ‘9’ like Inma Gabarro in the starting field. The start was promising for the world champion who scored the third very early, again from Aitana Bonmatí, with a close left-footed shot and just after Valotto gave Cata Coll a scare.

This goal already did more damage to the visitors and relaxed the national team much more, which began to economize its energy after a week of great wear and tear mentally and physically, although its rival did not take advantage of it to try to get into the game. the game, showing that his ‘punch’ continues to be his unfinished business.

Furthermore, Herzog was not having his best night and failed to save another ball, too much of an advantage for Inma Gabarro, a player who was not very given to forgiving ‘gifts’ inside the area and who scored 4-0 to end the duel. Cata Coll also wanted to be the protagonist and showed her qualities to stop the best Swiss chance in Pilgrim’s boots. Little by little, with Spain much superior, the game was ‘dying’, although there was time for Maite Oroz’s tremendous goal to close a new ‘little hand’ for Switzerland.


–RESULT: SPAIN, 5 – SWITZERLAND, 0 (2-0, at halftime).


SPAIN: Cata Coll; Oihane Hernández, Irene Paredes, Laia Aleixandri, Olga Carmona; Aitana Bonmatí (Rosa Márquez, min.80), Tere Abelleira (Maite Oroz, min.69), Alexia Putellas; Eva Navarro (Athenea del Castillo, min.46), Lucía García (Inma Gabarro, min.46) and Mariona Caldentey (Amaiur Sarriegi, min.61).

SWITZERLAND: Herzog; Aigbogun (Terchoun, min.46), Bühler, Maritz (Ivelg, min.78), Riesen; Horse, White, Vallotto (Reuter, min.61); Marti, Lehmann (Csillag, min.78) and Piubel (Pilgrim, min.61).


1-0, minute 15. Lucía García.

2-0, minute 45+1. Aitana Bonmatí

3-0, minute 49. Aitana Bonmatí.

4-0, minute 57. Inma Gabarro.

–REFEREE: Monika Mularczyk (POL). She cautioned Maritz (min.60) and Sow (min.85), for Switzerland.

–STADIUM: New Archangel of Córdoba. 14,194 spectators.