The gold medals for Carlos Arévalo and the C4 500, silver and bronze for María Corbera and another bronze for Cubelos close the historic World Cup


The Spanish canoeing team had a stellar Sunday at the World Championships in Halifax (Canada) with the gold medals for Carlos Arévalo and the C4 500, the silver and bronze medals for María Corbera in the C1 200 and C1 5,000, and the bronze Paco Cubelos in K1 5,000, to close the medal table at the top with eight metals.

Spanish canoeing already made history on Saturday with the K4 500, the C2 500 and the K2 200, two golds and one silver in the Olympic sprint World Championships, but on Sunday it finished crowning at Lake Banook. Four golds, two silvers and two bronzes in total, and three of those successes in competitions that will be Olympic in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games (K4 500, C2 500 and C1 200).

María Corbera from Madrid opened the festival on Sunday in the C1 200, just behind the American Nevin Harrison (Olympic champion) to proclaim herself runner-up in the world. Corbera returned to action in the afternoon session, in the final of the 5,000 meters, where she returned to the podium with a bronze, behind Canadian Katie Vincent and German Annika Loske.

Meanwhile, after having won gold on Saturday with the K4 500, Carlos Arévalo faced the final of the K1 200 with the same confidence and knowing he was the favorite for the podium. The Galician imposed his pace until he became world champion with a time of 36:43, 28 tenths ahead of the Swedish Petter Menning, silver.

The third Spanish medal of the day was another gold in the C4 500. Joan Moreno, Pablo Grana, Manuel Fontán and Adrián Sieiro took the lead from the start and no boat caught them, world champions with a time of 1:39 .42, almost half a second ahead of the Poles and 1.10 over the Ukrainians.

The perfect closure was provided by Corbera and Paco Cubelos. The man from Talave got even in the K1 5,000 of the 1000 meter final and, although the silver eluded him, he added a bronze that he will never forget. Thus, eight medals were reached in Halifax, consolidating Spanish canoeing as a world power two years before Paris 2024, with another interesting dish in two weeks with the European Championships in Munich.