The Spanish women’s basketball team officially rose to second place in the FIBA ​​ranking on Wednesday, updated after the international ‘windows’ in November, surpassing Australia and behind the United States.

The Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB) echoed the change in the ranking of the best teams in the world, with Spain in the second echelon and highlighted as the best team in Europe. Thus, the team led by Miguel Méndez since the end of September ends one more year only behind the Americans.

In March, Australia placed second in the FIBA ​​ranking, but after the last commitments in 2021, Spain recovers that ‘silver’, after starting the qualifying phase for the Eurobasket 2023 in November at the end of the season.

The United States remains the best team in the world with 829.3 points, compared to Spain’s 685.8, while Australia (676.8), Canada (659.5), France (645.3) and Belgium (642.4).