It was the chronicle of a death foretold and it was. The Spanish team passed over the Faroe Islands, as he had already done in the first game of the league that he played in Torshavn (0-10), and this Thursday he thrashed it again 12-0 at the La Cartuja Stadium. The meeting, of qualification for the 2023 World CupIt was a mere training session for Jorge Vilda’s team, who took advantage of it to give minutes to less habitual players in their starting line-ups.

La Roja still does not give their opponents options and leads Group B after counting by victories the four matches they have played. With 12 points he has three more than Scotland (He plays this Friday against Lluís Cortés’s Ukraine), who will be his next rival, next Tuesday also in La Cartuja, in which will be the final duel to define the first position. A ‘final’ in which, of course, Spain is the great favorite.

And is that Vilda’s team numbers never cease to amaze. With today’s triumph he already accumulates fifteen consecutive games without knowing defeat, The last one going back to March 8, 2020, when they fell 1-0 to the mighty United States in the prestigious She Believes Cup. Since then, all victories in an immaculate streak that shines even more if one takes into account that during the same has not conceded any goals.

The history of the match lasted a minute and a half, the time it took Esther gonzalez in opening the scoreboard. It was useless for the Faroe Islands to put the ‘bus’ in front of their goal, a ‘1-5-4-1’ that destroyed the Spanish team in a flash. Those of Vilda, with a ‘1-3-4-3’, entered the rival defensive network like a knife in butter. With overwhelming control of the ball and entering the wings, La Roja already went to rest with a 5-0 in their favor, because after the goal of the Real Madrid player came the players from Aitana, Alba Redondo, Mairona (from penalty spot) and another one of Esther.

The passage through the changing rooms did not change the script of the meeting, as Spain continued willing to make more firewood from the fallen tree and in just two minutes, from 50 to 52, he scored three more goals that bore the signature of Aitana, Esther and Mariona. With 8-0 against, in the 54th minute, the Faroe Islands made their first foul, which showed the null opposition of the Nordics throughout the match.

After 9-0, work of Mariona, Vilda began to move the bench, removing Ona, Torroda, Leila and Mariona at a stroke and giving entry to Athenea, Abelleira, Carmona and Sarriegi. Then Alexia Putellas would enter the grass for Aitana. The changes did not lower the benefits of the Red, which would increase its income on the scoreboard after seeing the door Esther, Alexia and Amaiur, to end the match with an eloquent 12-0 and elevate the Spanish ‘dream team’ a little more.

Spain: Lola Gallardo, Ona Batlle (Athenea del Castillo, m.62), Andrea Pereira, Ivana Andrés, Leila Ouahabi (Olga Carmona, m.62); Anna Torrodá (Tere Abelleira, m.62), Aitana Bonmatí (Alexia Putellas, m.70), Irene Guerrero; Alba Redondo, Esther González and Mariona Caldentey (Amaiur Sarriegi, m.62).
Faroe Islands: Oluva Joensen; Djurhuus (Lakjuni, m.62), Ryan, Mattfoss (Mohr, m.79), Asla Johannesen, Torolvsdottir, Rakul Johannesen, Olga Kristina Hansen (Svarvadal, m.46), Sevdal, Mortensen (Klakstein, m.87) y Lisberg (Biskopsto, m.62).
Goals: 1-0, M.2: Esther González. 2-0, M.17: Aitana Bonmatí. 3-0, M.25: Alba Redondo. 4-0, m.39: Mariona Caldentey, penalty. 5-0, M.41: Esther González. 6-0, m.50: Aitana Bonmati. 7-0, M.51: Esther González. 8-0, M.52: Mariona Caldentey. 9-0, M.57: Mariona Caldentey. 10-0, 74: Esther González. 11-0, M.83: Alexia Putellas. 12-0, M.89: Amaiur Sarriegi.
arbiter: Triinu Laos (Estonia). He admonished Oluva Joensen (m.38)
Incidents: Group B match played at the La Cartuja stadium in Seville.

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