The Spanish table tennis team was left at the gates of a great comeback this Wednesday against Austria, unable to avoid the second defeat in two European Championship matches, after also falling last week against Croatia.

In the Municipal Pavilion of Baza, in the heat of a hobby that did not stop believing in the option of turning the game around, Spain touched the epic. Álvaro Robles put the Spanish team ahead, taking the first point against Andreas Levenko 3-1.

However, Robert Gardos used his seniority to beat Joan Masip, despite the fact that the Catalan won the first two games. In the third match, David Serdaroglu completed the response initiated by his teammate, beating Carlos Caballero 3-1.

With 1-2, Spanish hopes were placed on Álvaro Robles and the Huelva player beat Gardos (11-8, 11-4, 9-11, 11-7). Then, Masip faced Levenko in the most even game of the day, coming back from the first two games to a 2-2 draw that lifted the Spanish fans completely. In the last game, this time Levenko did take advantage of him and signed the Austrian victory.

In their debut, Spain also lost a week ago to Croatia 1-3 in Vegas del Genil and will need full victories on their visit to Austria and Croatia in the second leg matches of the group stage.