Y Fabiola decided to speak. The ex-wife of Bertin Osborne She had been silent for more than a year, putting up with all the women who raised their hands to say “I have also been with Bertín.” Chabeli Navarro, with pregnancy and abortion, according to her claims; Gabriela Guillén, with a pregnancy that will end in what will be her seventh child (remember that she lost one 20 days after birth), and now Encarna Navarro (without a known pregnancy), who has reported that she has maintained an “intermittent” romantic relationship of 15 years with the singer.

And while all this was becoming known, Fabiola Martínez, mother of her young sons, Quique and Carlos, married for two decades to the Madrid singer, decided to keep quiet in response.

When it became known about Gabriela’s pregnancy and that Bertín had supposedly tried to convince Chabeli to have an abortion (as it was said), Fabiola was working on the Sonsoles Onega. The Venezuelan spent the entire season chatting, talking about various topics, also those related to gossip. When these scandals broke out, the program, taking advantage of the fact that she had Fabiola sitting with them, asked her about the matter. Fabiola always refused to talk about the subject. “He is no longer my husband. He has his life and I have mine. This is a matter that does not concern me. I am not going to make any comment about it because it is neither my concern nor my concern.” This is what the former model answered when the matter was discussed on the set and Sonsoles tried to get her involved.

This season Fabiola has not joined the program

Fabiola always refused to speak and in the program, although they would have liked her to get wet, they respected her decision. This season Fabiola has not joined the show. In some places it has been said that they have fired her, in others that she has been the one who has left due to other commitments or perhaps because she did not feel comfortable having to be on the set while these Bertin issues were being discussed. For this reason, now there is some discomfort in the space when they have seen that, in exchange for a significant sum of money, she has spoken loud and clear in a magazine. “Now it doesn’t seem to bother her to discuss the subject. In the end it will turn out that the problem was not talking about these stories of Bertín, but doing so without charging a special fee for it and having to speak for the amount of her daily collaboration,” he tells Informalia a worker from And now Sonsoles.

“In the program it has bothered her that she refused to speak on a recurring basis despite the insistence to convince her and that she now speaks in a magazine. They don’t understand it. She was very upset when this summer she was asked about these pregnancies and yet now he doesn’t mind saying everything in an interview,” our source assures us.

And so it is. When Rebeca Haro, Sonsoles’ replacement this summer, asked her about Chabeli and Gabriela, Fabiola was forceful: “I have nothing to say. Absolutely nothing. I thank you very much for the respect and affection that you constantly show me. And that you understand that This is neither for me nor for me. I have nothing to say,” he was quick to say. “The problem is that many people may think that I am sitting here getting paid to speak and that is not the case. I have a contract with the producer of this program and I am just another collaborator who gives my opinion on a lot of current affairs. This is current events, but, on the personal side, I allow myself not to give an opinion,” he noted. People notice my discomfort, how they ask me the same question over and over again, when I don’t want to say anything,” Fabiola lamented.

Now she has supposedly spoken because she is tired of being the poor girl or the spoiled one, but the truth is that she could have done so on what was her program and with her colleagues, some of whom she still maintains a good friendship with. She has spoken to Readings because a powerful gentleman is good money and now there is unrest.