Sonsoles Onega considers that the cases of Ana Obregon y Al Pacino they are comparable. The ex of Alessandro Lequio has been a mother with 68 years and the protagonist of The Godfather, 15 years older than the Spanish woman, is expecting a baby, since her much younger girlfriend is pregnant. “Today we found out that Al Pacino will be a father for the fourth time at 83 years old, and his partner does not reach 30. And he is not falling for the one that fell to Ana Obregón”, criticized Ónega, crossing out this double standard as ” obvious machismo.”

The presenter does not consider relevant nuances such as the fact that Ana Obregón has been solo momhave done it for surrogacyor used to conceive little Ana Sandra Lequio Obregón his own son’s semen, died three years ago. None of these facts coincides with the paternity of the Italian-American actor. Of course, Al Pacino has not turned an ex of his 30 years ago into a ‘forced grandmother’, as has happened to Alessandro Lequio. On the other hand, we can’t imagine Al Pacino selling exclusives with the baby when he arrives for several weeks, or posing on his Instagram account with the creature.

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But for Sonsoles, the different yardstick has nothing to do with all these differences: “So, when you said that this girl is condemned to be orphaned, and in this case we don’t condemn him to be orphaned as a father?”, he repeated in his programme.