Sonsoles Ónega, or how to manage talking about other people’s romances but not your own

Sonsoles Onega (Madrid, 1977) resists well, at least for the moment, the onslaught of Ana Rosa Quintana. Her former boss sucks on her, so far she loses the audience battle, and that has Fernando Ónega’s daughter happy, although she admits that there is a lot of war left, and she is nervous (tachycardic, she said this Wednesday). .

Furthermore, personally, his smile confirms the exclusive released last September 9 in Informalia: She goes out with a man who gives shine to her beautiful look. Magazine Ten minutes It endorsed the existence of the romance on its cover, and in this Wednesday’s issue it portrays the lucky gallant during the getaway that the journalist and the financier gave each other, with the Parador de Baiona as a witness before and “after love”, three words that Sonsoles adores and which he used to title his latest novel.

In addition to the parador, this trip was witnessed by photographers from the agency of his colleague Paloma García-Pelayo, who took good note of the scoop published by Informalia days ago, and they did their job well, which we applaud, although they have not thanked us in the text for such useful and lucrative information.

We did not want from this portal to put black on white the name and other information of Juan, the boyfriend who is not talked about on Antena 3 (at least for the moment). But now that a magazine publishes it we can add that Sonsoles and the economist are in those moments in tortilitos mode, of butterflies in the stomach, of those that force us to count the hours until they meet again. Sonsoles does not exhibit his passion but he does not hide it either. So much so that a week before escaping to Galicia, the presenter took her boyfriend to Vitoria, where she collected a well-deserved award within the framework of the television festival that is held every year in the capital of Alava at the beginning of September.

The financier, whom she has been dating for a few months, as we reported two weeks ago, was very naturally with Sonsoles, who was surrounded by cameras and journalists most of the time.

The topic has added (journalistic) morbidity because, as we said, Sonsoles prefers that her own romance not be talked about in her program, but she cannot be bothered publicly either because she herself has a good part of her space dedicated to gossip, and even a gathering where they talk about the loves and heartbreaks of famous people (like her). Sonsoles assumes that she is in the magnificent list of her being famous. This Omertá paradox is even funnier if we take into account that at that heart table Sonsoles has a journalist from the agency that caught her and another from the magazine that published it.

On Wednesday, at a charity event, the presenter of And now Sonsoles spoke about her program and the war with Ana Rosa: “The competition is a long-distance race. Everything is being very fast-paced. As a communication expert I can say that we are starting a very demanding race, with a fragmentation of the audience that will continue to be distributed in the afternoons,” he said.

But Sonsoles, whose modesty elevates her natural friendliness even further, prefers to be interviewer rather than interviewee; She prefers to give news rather than be the news. And we understand it. Even when she jumps through hoops and for charitable or professional reasons she submits to the focus of her being her target and she has no choice but to face questions, she likes to talk more about her books than about her. loves of her. Regarding books, we would love to know if the writer reads in bed lately; We would also love to ask her which of her three works is her friend’s favorite. Queen Letizia.

In 2004 he published the short novel Havana Street, Obispo corner. Then it came Where God was not, about 11-M. But its success is After Love. Six years have passed since he released this novel, set in Spain during the Second Republic, but we believe that he is on to the next one, even if it is slow. Let’s keep in mind that Sonsoles, in addition to being a boyfriend, has two children and a lot of work. And of course she writes her novels.