Soldier: “Playing at this level we are going to achieve great things”

Match balance. “It was a shame because I think we have done a great defensive job for 87 minutes, excellent on the part of the team, getting together and defending very well against a team that we all know the quality they have. And then we have been effective on top of the occasions that we have had. A shame those last five minutes of the game that have been able to turn the scoreboard. And then in extra time it was a bit of continuing to suffer, expecting a backlash. They have taken the lead. The team knew how to react and we were able to tie at three when the issue was getting very screwed up. Then they have done the fourth and fifth. This has to serve as an impetus for what remains because we have suffered very well. We played the game we had to do. We have become 2-0 against a Barcelona that we know the difficulty that this entails and we must continue. The final part of the season remains, the most beautiful where the best is played. Playing at this level we are going to achieve great things. This is the way despite the fact that today we are screwed by the result ”.

Would it have been different with the public? It was a shame. What I am convinced of is that, if we had had 20,000 people with us, this party would not escape us. It's a shame because it was one of those nights that they were going to enjoy a lot here in Los Cármenes and it couldn't be. We have to keep fighting so that, in the future, we can enjoy more nights like this with a better result ”.

Granada Shield / Flag

The memory of last year. “It was a very nice road to the Copa del Rey, also where we took a very hard blow at the end of the match against Athletic in the semifinals, and today, when we had it almost done, it escaped us. You have to prepare because the best is yet to come. I have no doubt that this will make us better in the future and this experience that we are having in these two years in the Copa del Rey will serve us for the future, take it better and be able to achieve better achievements next year ”:

Does football have a debt with this Granada? “When you do things as you should and we are on the road, surely you will owe it to us because we are earning it and we will surely achieve it.”