The infanta sofia She has a list of attractive reasons to head to the Welsh school where she will study starting next August, and among them, food is one of the most celebrated by the young woman. In addition to her independence, her contact with her generational peers and her ceasing to be the constant focus of attention, the sister of the princess eleanor he will enjoy the possibility of eating what he wants and thus be free from the strict diet that his mother, the queen letiziaimposes in the palace for his daughters.

There has already been an occasion in which Sofía has “complained” about the “strict” menu that her mother allows her and her sister to eat since they were little. The royal family follows a diet rich in protein, which the princess tries to skip whenever she can with the excuse that it is a special occasion, such as birthdays, Christmas or weekends.

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Sofía will follow the same academic steps as her sister Leonor at UWC Atlantic College, where she will attend high school and where she will be able to enjoy typical English dishes, as well as international food, which is offered to students in the boarding school canteen. It is a mixture of cuisines from different origins, because students of many nationalities study there and the culinary offer is suitable for all of them.

From breakfasts with eggs, beans and pancakes, some even with joking shapes, which remind us of how altered the hormones of adolescents are, no matter how good a family they come from.

They also have breakfast vegetables and of course fruits, yoghurts and English sweets such as delicious brownies. Lunches and dinners are much more filling and caloric than those that have allowed the Infanta to eat daily under the rigors of the Zarzuela diet.

In the main meals the daughter of the King Felipe VI She will be able to enjoy, as her older sister already did, pasta cooked with various sauces, pizza, Mexican burritos, pita bread, avocado and legumes with an Arabic touch, Chinese food, and other proposals from all over the world. It will also feature some dishes from the Mediterranean diet, of course.

In this Welsh boarding school, it is possible that Queen Letizia does not exert her influence to vary the menu according to her healthy criteria, as she did with the Santa María de los Rosales school in Madrid, where her two daughters have completed their primary studies and ESO , in which he managed to get options such as San Jacobos and fried foods to disappear from the menu, for example.

Although perhaps it will, because just as the magazine published in its day Miathe Welsh school website indicates that “all staff are committed to supporting the health, safety and well-being of our students. There are three psychologists on campus who work to promote and preserve the health, safety and well-being of each student and community life at the School Collaborate with parents, guardians, the Wellness Center (formerly the Health Center) and other members of the community to ensure that students feel supported, heard and that their needs are met appropriately and sensitively.