Six days after the chaotic scenes leading up to the Champions League final between the Liverpool and the Real Madridthe Stade de France St Denis again hosts another great event on Friday, a France-Denmarkfor which a “no tickets” was posted.

The French Football Federation (FFF) he congratulated himself in a statement of the full scheduled for this Friday at 18:45 GMT in the clash between the French and the Danes, corresponding to the League of Nations. The Stade de France of St Denison the outskirts of Paris, has a capacity for around 80,000 spectators.

Both the FFF and the Police Prefecture have not officially detailed the security device for this match, one of the most criticized aspects in the final of the Champions League.

A couple of hours before the start of that match, the entrances to the stadium collapsed and generated huge queues that forced the start of the final to be delayed 36 minutes due to the fact that many fans of the Liverpool It took them a while to get to the stands.

The risk of an avalanche, caused by an abnormal influx of people with counterfeit bills or without bills, was great. French authorities pointed the finger at British fans.

The French police were also heavily criticized for having intervened forcefully using tear gas. Many fans also reported robberies in the vicinity of the stadium.

Faced with the indignation of the British Government and harassed by the opposition, the Minister of the Interior of France, Gérald Darmanin, and the Minister of Sports, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, gave explanations to the senators this Wednesday. Darmanin assumed that “it could have been done better”.

The French president himself, Emmanuel Macronwho had avoided giving his opinion on this thorny issue, broke his silence today to support his confidence in Darmanin and clarify that France, which hosts a rugby world championship in 2023 and an Olympics in 2024, “always demonstrated” its ability to attract large competitions.

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